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Anaheim Man Arrested After Placentia Fire Linked To Marijuana Honey Oil Operation
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Anaheim man arrested after Placentia fire linked to marijuana honey oil operation

PLACENTIA — A 41-year-old Anaheim man was booked Wednesday on suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance stemming from a blaze at a marijuana honey oil…

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Pot Shop A No Go In Quincy Market After Landlords Cease And Desist

Pot shop a no-go in Quincy Market after landlord’s cease and desist

Reaction Mixed To Pot Shop Proposed In Roxburys Nubian Square

Reaction mixed to pot shop proposed in Roxbury’s Nubian Square

Colorado Marijuana Sales Blow Past 200 Million In July

Colorado marijuana sales blow past $200 million in July

Redwood City Could Soon Allow Up To Six Storefront Cannabis Dispensaries

Redwood City could soon allow up to six storefront cannabis dispensaries

Illegal Marijuana Farms Are Risky For Workers Who Dont Make Much California Sheriff Says

Illegal marijuana farms are risky for workers who don’t make much, California sheriff says

Colorado Cold Snap Destroys Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Marijuana Plants Could Disrupt Industry

Colorado cold snap destroys millions of dollars worth of marijuana plants, could disrupt industry

With 7 Dead Large Scale California Marijuana Operation Is Tied To Organized Crime

With 7 dead, large-scale California marijuana operation is tied to organized crime

7 Deaths Tied To Illegal Grow Operation Shake Rural Riverside County Community

7 deaths tied to illegal grow operation shake rural Riverside County community

7 Fatally Shot At Illegal Marijuana Grow In Southern California

7 fatally shot at illegal marijuana grow in Southern California

7 Fatally Shot At Illegal Marijuana Grow In Riverside County

7 fatally shot at illegal marijuana grow in Riverside County

California Man Arrested In Alleged Marijuana By Mail Ring That Led To Shooting Death Of Beloved South Carolina Postal Worker

California man arrested in alleged marijuana-by-mail ring that led to shooting death of beloved South Carolina postal worker

Online Messaging Indicates Americans Turning To Drugs To Cope With Coronavirus Pandemic Study Shows

Online messaging indicates Americans turning to drugs to cope with coronavirus pandemic, study shows

Man Who Robbed Bay Area Cannabis Delivery Truck Gets 42 Months Judge Criticizes Prosecutors But Acknowledges Brazen Crime

Man who robbed Bay Area cannabis delivery truck gets 42 months; Judge criticizes prosecutors but acknowledges ‘brazen’ crime

Da Teen Allegedly High On Marijuana Charged In Natick Hit And Run

DA: Teen allegedly high on marijuana charged in Natick hit-and-run

Annual Pro Marijuana Event Again Postponed

Annual pro-marijuana event again postponed

Court Says Bay Area Auto Thief Should Not Be Banned From Using Marijuana

Court says Bay Area auto thief should not be banned from using marijuana

Are Cannabis Shops Targeting Californias Black Latino And Poor Communities

Are cannabis shops targeting California’s Black, Latino and poor communities?