Opening A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Massachusetts Is Not Cheap

File this in the “it could be worse” file. While the rules and regulations of medical marijuana facilities in Oregon are far from perfect, at least it doesn’t cost millions of dollars to get established. Medical marijuana dispensaries are not

Steve Sarich At The 2014 Seattle Cannabis Freedom March

Steve Sarich has been a valued commenter on The Weed Blog for many years now. I always look forward to reading what he has to say. Sometimes we disagree, but that’s something that I welcome on this blog. We tend

Nobel Prize-Winning Economists Want The War On Drugs To End

By Brandon Isaak In a recently released report titled “Ending the Drug Wars,” five previous winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics have endorsed the London School of Economics’ IDEAS center’s findings. The report looked at “the high costs and

Missouri Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Sent To Governor

Courtesy of The Joint Blog With overwhelming support Missouri’s House and Senate has approved Senate Bill 491, a proposal to reform the state’s criminal code which includes a provisionthat decriminalizes the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis. The measure,

Moms For Marijuana Appoints Mother-Daughter Team For New Leadership

Moms for Marijuana International has named the vibrant mother-daughter team, Cheryl Shuman as its next Executive Director and Aimee Shuman as Deputy Director. Cheryl Shuman will take the role of Executive Director, bringing her 25 years skills of public relations,

Collateral Consequences Of Marijuana Convictions In New Hampshire

By Matt Simon A couple of weeks ago, the New Hampshire Senate refused to consider a bill that would have reduced marijuana penalties in the state, but MPP and its allies are not giving up on the 2014 session. Several representatives in the House are working

Chronicle Book Review: Hemp Bound

By Phillip Smith Hemp shouldn’t have anything to do with drug policy. It’s a cannabis sub-species low in THC so it doesn’t get you high, but impressive as an industrial agriculture crop, one with uses in a broad and ever-increasing

Marijuana May Treat Neurodegeneration According To New Study

Courtesy of The Joint Blog A new study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology has found that cannabis may treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. “In an increasingly ageing population, the incidence of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and

Vicious OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Vicious OG Marijuana Cannabis Review And Pics The Vicious OG marijuana strain is pretty rare I’m learning. It’s been up here in Oregon for awhile, but it sounds like other than Southern California, it’s not a common strain. The Vicious OG

NFL May Ban Best Wide Receiver Next Season Over Marijuana

Remember all those public service ads and D.A.R.E. classes that warned about how smoking pot was going to make you lethargic, apathetic, and unable to achieve your dreams?  Yeah, sure, this artist, that musician, they may have smoked pot, but