Marijuana Policy Project Reports Rise In Marijuana Arrests

Nobody gets arrested for marijuana anymore? Really? This is what marijuana activists hear a lot these days, as it is a way to diminish their work in drug policy reform. People that support drug policy reform, themselves, even use this

Marijuana Product Review: Qi Co Medicated Vanilla Caramel

If you are an OMMP patient in Oregon, chances are you’ve seen Qi Co chocolates, caramels, and suckers in your local dispensary. Qi Co chocolates have made their way around the state, and the company is comprised of a partnership

Albuquerque Mayor Vetos Marijuana Decriminalization Measure

Yesterday, Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry vetoed legislation that would have decriminalized small amounts of marijuana for personal possession as well as a resolution that would have made marijuana a low priority for law enforcement. Statement by Emily Kaltenbach: “Mayor Berry,

Where Do You Plan On Making Your First Legal Recreational Marijuana Purchase In Oregon?

And just like that, Oregon is now allowing recreational marijuana sales to occur in parts of my home state. To say that this is a significant day in my life is a huge understatement. I’ve been waiting for (and fighting

You Sell Drugs, You Go To Prison – DEA Agents Do It, And They Go On Paid Leave

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is the worst government agency of all time according to many. There have been calls by American citizens for a long time to de-fund the DEA. A lot of stories have been published lately

Dispensaries Offer Free Medical Marijuana To Fire Victims In Northern California

I rail against greedy people in the cannabis industry all the time, and I feel rightfully so. There are a lot of greedy jerks in the industry, and I will continue to complain about them whenever I get a chance.

Massachusetts Court Rules Cops Can’t Search Vehicles Based Solely On Suspicion Of Marijuana Possession

By Phillip Smith Civil rights advocates and marijuana legalization supporters are welcoming a decision from the state Supreme Judicial Court that says police can’t stop motorists solely because they suspect the vehicle’s occupants are carrying marijuana. The decision came in

Firms File Multiple Complaints Against Seattle Mayor To Protect Cannabis Patient’s Rights

I received the following press release today. I wasn’t able to get it online until now since I had to work late, so the press conference already occurred. But it’s still a significant story and wanted to pass it along:

Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin Tomorrow In Oregon

Below is a press release from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition about the beginning of recreational sales in Oregon starting tomorrow: Oregon, which legalized marijuana in 2014 with Measure 91, is beginning sales tomorrow, Thursday October 1st. Existing medical marijuana dispensaries

Seeing ‘The Cannabis Manifesto’ On The NYT Best Seller List Would Be Huge

As you may know by now, I am a big fan of a new book that is out called ‘The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness.’ The book was written by long time activist and social entrepreneur Steve DeAngelo.