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Why New Brunswick Loses Money Selling Weed, and What the Lessons Are

Earlier this week, Cannabis NB CEO Patrick Parent appeared in Fredericton to give provincial lawmakers some bad news. More than a year after legalization, he…

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Feds’ Foot-Dragging Over Cannabis Edibles Will Delay Sales: Producer

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Rossland Chocolatier Plans Move to Cannabis Edibles

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Medical Marijuana: We Are in an Age of Wisdom, but Also an Age of Foolishness

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Nova Scotians Still Buying Illegal Cannabis, Survey Shows

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Cannabis Stores Available to Purchase for First Time on B.C.’s MLS

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Drop the Price of Legal Cannabis, Green Party Says

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The Cannabis Market is Looking Up, Even if Cannabis Stocks Aren’t

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Canntrust Says Cannabis Goods Returned by Alberta Government Worth $1.3M

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Blingy Vaporizers and Gold Rolling Papers: Luxury Cannabis Brands Court the Affluent

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‘Wild West’: Marketing of Cannabis in Places Where It’s Outlawed is an Emerging ‘Gray Area’

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Weedora Distributes $200k in Marijuana Vouchers as Defiant Illegal Pot Shops Open

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Retailers Left in a Haze as New Cannabis Promotion Rules Announced