Water Spigot Frosted Glass Dab Rig


 Borosilicate Glass
 8.5 Inches in Height
 Color may vary from photo
 Concentrate Pipe
 Easy to Clean and Maintain
 Fits in Backpack or Bag
 Fixed Diffused Downstem
 Frosted Glass Finish
 14.5mm Female Joint
 14.5mm Male Banger
 Made for Concentrates
 Water Spigot Design
 Delivered in Random Color


Water Spigot Frosted Glass Dab Rig
This ultra-cool frosted glass dab rig features a water spigot design that’s sure to make a splash! It’s made of durable borosilicate glass that’s super durable. 
The Water Spigot Frosted Glass Dab Rig features a fixed downstem diffuser for effective filtration and includes a 14.5mm male quartz banger with an 18mm inner width.
This water pipe has a unique frosted glass finish that obscures what’s going on inside. It ships in various colors, depending on availability.


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