Groove Straight Hybrid Dab Rig


 High-Quality Clear Glass
 Made for Dry Herbs and Concentrates
 Black Glass Accents
 Bent Neck with Rimmed Mouthpiece
 Dual Use Water Pipe
 Durable and Portable
 Fits in Backpack or Bag
 14.5mm Female Joint
 14.5mm Male Herb Bowl
 Fixed Downstem
 14.5mm Male Quartz Banger
 Thick Round Base for Stability


Groove Straight Hybrid Dab Rig
Fully equipped with everything needed to enjoy lots of smooth bubbling action, the 7-inch tall Straight Bubbler by Groove is a fun piece that can be shared with friends. It’s constructed from high-quality glass and features a 90-degree 14.5mm female joint and a fixed downstem. A thick round base provides important stability and the piece is finished with black glass accents throughout.
This portable bubbler with the extended bent neck comes with both a 14.5mm male herb bowl and a 14.5mm male banger, so you can use it for enjoying your dry herbs and concentrates. 
This dual-purpose rig is ideal for travel as it will fit easily into any backpack. It’s also a good pick if you need a daily driver producing lots of milky bubbles for smooth rips. 


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