Dopezilla $40 Kit


Dopezilla-themed smoking kit
A perfect selection of must-have smoking items
Great for both beginners and experts
Unbeatable price
Makes a great affordable gift
Everything you need to smoke in style
Dopezilla Stinger Male Dabbing Straw | 45° Angle
Dopezilla Glass Ogre Dab Rig


Dopezilla $40 Kit
At Grasscity, we firmly believe in providing our customers with all the right smoking gear for their unique smoking needs. This is why we created this fantastic Dopezilla Kit that contains everything you need to enjoy your waxy concentrate in style!
The must-have kit comprises a range of carefully selected items to maximize your dabbing experience, all for an unbeatable price!
We have a wide selection of combo kit deals, so there is always a kit that will suit your personal smoking needs. Whether you are a basic smoker or like a more extended selection of smoking and dabbing gear, we have you covered!
We offer unbeatable prices with discreet and secure delivery, so check out our amazing Kit Deals and place your order today!
Kit includes:
1 x Dopezilla Glass Ogre Dab Rig
1 x Dopezilla Stinger Male Dabbing Straw | 45° Angle


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