Black Leaf Mercury Bong | Boxed set


2-in-1 boxed set by Black Leaf

High quality borosilicate glass
Bent straight tube design
14.5mm ground joint
14.5mm slitted diffuser
Ideal downstem length: 9.5 cm / 3.7 inches
Male 14.5mm herb bowl
14.5mm quartz banger with 45° angle
Carb hole
Glass shotgun pipe included
Comes in foam padded box with Black Leaf Logo


Black Leaf Mercury Bong | Boxed set
Spoil yourself or your favorite smoke buddy with this amazing Mercury boxed set by Black Leaf. Equipped with all the items you need for a smooth, well-prepared smoke session and beyond.
Included in this two-in-one set is a sturdy, 3.2mm thick, bent straight bong made from the finest borosilicate glass available. The slitted diffuser downstem spreads the smoke into smaller particles for better filtration and a much more gentle hit. In the box you will find a glass herb bowl with a 14.5mm male joint. We do recommend using a screen to keep unwanted ash and debris out of the bong water. A quartz banger with 45° angle is included as well, allowing you to switch from herbs to concentrates in a matter of seconds. To top it off, a ‘Spaced out Astronauts’ glass shotgun pipe, for a quick hit on the go, comes with your purchase as well.
Thanks to the banger, the Mercury can be turned into a dab rig, which makes this set the ideal kit for those who like to switch things up from time to time. If you want to enjoy your concentrates all you have to do is place the banger on the bong and heat the bottom of the banger with a torch. Allow the banger to cool briefly, then apply the oil or wax with a dabber into the banger, inhale the vapor and enjoy!
The Mercury 2-in-1 bong comes in a foam padded box with a handle and magnetic closure that is easy to carry along, store, and most importantly, keeps your bong safe from damage.
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