Blaze Glass – Climax-a Percolator Ice Bong – 3-Level Dome Perc


Hefty glass and five stages of smoke diffusion from Blaze Glass!

Stable 7.0mm-thick glass beaker base
3-level dome perc
Slit diffuser/adapter downstem and bowl included
Climax-a ceramic transfer logo in high-gloss silver
Ice notches
No carb hole


Blaze Glass – Climax-a Percolator Ice Bong – 3-Level Dome Perc
One look at that crazy mid-section and you know there’s something special about the Climax-a Percolator Ice Bong from Blaze Glass! Smoke passes through a total of five cooling stages for chilled, clean, tasty bong hits. As smoke travels through the reinforced, double-walled, inside cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm diffuser/adapter downpipe, the diffusion action begins in the water chamber before the smoke passes twice through the three floors via the slotted panes in the glass discs that separate each level. Generous slots at every level of diffusion create a bubbling roar like the sound of an engine! A protective splash guard covers the percolation chamber to help avoid water inhalation.
The Climax-a Percolator Ice Bong is made of heavy 7.0mm borosilicate glass, and the Climax-a logo is applied by ceramic transfer in high gloss silver along the cylinder below the mouthpiece. The included diffuser/adapter downtube and bowl also feature the Blaze Glass logo in silver.


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