Sex and Cannabis: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Enjoying Just the Right Amount of Each Together

Even before cannabis began to be legalized, there were just some things about it that made life better. This includes, but is not limited to sex. The catch about getting stoned and getting it on is that you don’t want to get too high. Nothing is a bigger boner-killer than experiencing a marijuana-induced existential crisis. So instead of going off the deep end and ruining one of the best experiences of your life, here are some foolproof ways to mix sex and cannabis.

Smoke A Joint
If you’re both avid marijuana smokers, mark the occasion by rolling a joint with Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers. We also recommend rolling that mofo with an indica, which will tantalize you and your partner with a great body high. If you’re not used to indica, just smoke less than usual so you don’t pass out mid-thrust.

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