Overwhelming odor of fresh marijuana led Frederick cops to illegal grow

overwhelming odor of fresh marijuana led frederick cops to illegal grow

Frederick police officers who stopped to investigate a minivan with no visible license plates say the pungent odor of fresh marijuana led them to an illegal grow in the home of Ryan Derrick Vanwy.

Vanwy, 33, is facing 138 counts of exceeding the allowable number of plants in Frederick, as well as failing to comply with uniform codes, failure to obtain permits, exceeding the square footage for a grow and unlawful exterior impacts.

After speaking with two other people who lived at the home, Vanwy came to the door to speak with Officer Kate Lines. He explained that he owns a business that sells, rents and cleans trimmers for marijuana plants. Vanwy, who has a medical marijuana card, said he had moved his business to the home after the hair salon next to his office space had complained about the smell.

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