Missouri Asks Court to Throw Out Awarded Medical Cannabis Cultivation Permits

Missouri Asks Court To Throw Out Awarded Medical Cannabis Cultivation Permits

After a Missouri court ruled to grant medical licenses to a group of businesses in February, a marijuana regulator in Missouri is now asking said court to revoke these licenses.

Reaching this decision on March 24, the Missouri Department of Health and Safety (DHSS) signed a petition to the Missouri Court of Cole County to recant the February decision.

Reporting on the situation, the legal news website Law360 stated the following: “The DHSS said the commission’s decision is ‘arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable, ‘a violation of constitutional provisions,’ and ‘involves an abuse of discretion,’ among other things.”

Heya Kirksville and Heya Excello, the companies in question, had their initial application rejected by the Missouri DHSS more than a year ago. This decision was overturned this year, when the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission awarded medical cannabis cultivation licenses on February 24.

The rejection of the applications of Heya Kirksville and Heya Excello are among the most recent in a series of disputes that have been settled in Missouri’s cannabis program.

The various legal disputes that have shaken the integrity of Missouri’s medical marijuana program have included a memo released by state Democrats of marijuana regulators obstructing investigations into the MMJ program, a Cole county judge rejecting a lawsuit regarding the limit of cultivation licenses, and Florida-based cannabis inventory tracking company Metrc losing a court case regarding if Metrc was allowed to charge cannabis businesses over their use of Metrc’s tracking tags.

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