Hemp operation opens in historic florist greenhouse

hemp operation opens in historic florist greenhouse

An agricultural biotechnology company has launched a hemp grow operation in a newly renovated greenhouse space on the grounds of the historic Lafayette Florist.

Lafayette-based Front Range Biosciences rented the 12,000-square-foot greenhouse — which had been used to grow flowers since the 1970s — and is growing industrial hemp clones to be sold to other growers.

Jon Vaught, Front Range Biosciences co-founder and CEO, said the operation will soon be operating at full capacity, producing 75,000 hemp rooted cuttings per month.

“Our focus is on (growing) the highest quality plant-starts — healthy, disease-free, pesticide-free,” he said. ” … Then we distribute them to the growers and they go do what they do.”

The iconic family-owned Lafayette Florist will continue normal retail operations in the space adjacent to the greenhouse.

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