Hamilton Joint Ventures: Haze Lifts Before Cannabis Market Enters Next Phase

hamilton joint ventures haze lifts before cannabis market enters next phase

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and San Francisco rapper Berner pump local weed makers.

Did you know Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and San Francisco rapper Berner are circling the local cannabis scene?

It can be hard to see through the haze of the fast-moving marijuana business and the dozens of brands and producers competing for consumers and investors with a variety of strains and stocks in and outside of Hamilton.

So, before the next wave — edibles — begins next month, it’s worth catching up with the area producers behind products like Trainwreck, Granddaddy Purple, Unite Organic and Cold Creek Kush.

When we last left off with 48North in the spring, co-CEO Jeanette VanderMarel was overseeing the planting of 250,000 seedlings on a newly approved 88-acre outdoor farm south of Brantford that is expected to yield 40,000 kg of cannabis.

– Read the entire article at The Hamilton Spectator.

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