Celebrate National Coffee Day with a little twist of cannabis

celebrate national coffee day with a little twist of cannabis

To celebrate National Coffee Day, we’re trying out the about-to-be-released instant Clockwork coffee from Colorado’s own Stillwater. Sort of like Starbuck’s Via, but infused with 5 to 10 milligrams of THC. Stand by for our review.

In the meantime, get hyped up with these Cannabist stories of what happens when coffee meets cannabis:

thc cannabis coffee(Courtesy of Kush Cups) While a cannabis drug discovery company waits for its “moonshot,” it develops Keurig-style coffee pods

caramel-coffee-marijuana-recipes-cannabist(Bruce Wolf) Homemade caramel coffee recipe: Pre-packaged cannabis coffee drinks are great, but this is better

Coffee, with a kick. (Seth McConnell, The Denver Post)(Seth McConnell, The Denver Post) Step aside, old school latte. Cannabis coffee is so 2017

Legal brand marijuana-infused beverages(Courtesy Legal) Cannabis-infused coffee: Potent Legal brews, sodas will hit shelves in July

(fairwindsmanufacturing.com)(fairwindsmanufacturing.com) Weed K-Cups: Pot-infused Keurig-style coffee pods are now on shelves

Surprising cannabis products: Canyon Cultivation Coffee and Tea(Courtsey Canyon Cultivation) Infused everything: These cannabis products might surprise you

Colorado hemp coffee(Elana Ashanti Jefferson, The Cannabist) Throw some beans into the pot: Weed-coffee makers hook caffeine fans

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