US Hemp Roundtable shares goals for 2023 Farm Bill: Q&A with Jonathan Miller

US Hemp Roundtable shares goals for 2023 Farm Bill: Q&A with Jonathan Miller

The US Hemp Roundtable has big plans for the 2023 Farm Bill. With the ability to bring about meaningful change in the hemp industry, it could open the doors to progress and innovation not seen before. In this exclusive Q&A, Jonathan Miller, counsel to the US Hemp Roundtable, explains their goals and how they plan to make an impact through this landmark legislation.

1. An Interview with Jonathan Miller on 2023 US Farm Bill Goals

Jonathan Miller on 2023 US Farm Bill Goals

Jonathan Miller, the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), has been on the forefront of the U.S. Farm Bill since its inception in 2018. In an interview, Miller discussed his vision of the goals of Farm Bills for 2023 and beyond.

Miller’s ambitions for the 2023 Farm Bill are expansive. His proposed goals are as follows:

  • The increase in aid to farmers through government subsidies.
  • Promote sustainable farming practices through funding of research, while remaining conscience of the consequences of climate change.

Miller sees the future of 2023 Farm Bill as an opportunity to increase the number of jobs associated with farming and to expand access to local, fresh food sources. He proposes the development of small-scale agricultural hubs, with the capability of transforming local farming into a viable industry. Additionally, Miller wants to help individuals of all backgrounds to access their food sources independently, beyond conventional methods of food purchasing, such as food banks.

2. US Hemp Roundtable’s Push to Reap Benefits from 2023 Farm Bill

The US Hemp Roundtable, an industry group dedicated to ensuring the continued growth of legal hemp, is pushing the industry to reap the full benefits of the 2023 Farm Bill. It is aiming to ensure that the industry is able to fully capitalize on the new legislation’s provisions, which are designed to be much friendlier to the hemp industry.

The Roundtable is advocating for the full use of the industrial hemp commodity, allowing farmers to benefit from the crop’s full price, promoting good farming practices, and ensuring that hemp farmers have access to government supports and services. Its efforts have already gained it recognition from several state governments, which have adopted its “Good Agricultural Practices” standards.

Its main goals include:

  • Promoting full industry regulation. This includes pushing for the creation of standards for hemp production, testing, and labeling.
  • Removing restrictions. This includes pushing the Department of Agriculture to remove onerous restrictions on the industry.
  • Protecting farmers. The Roundtable is advocating for better access to farm-friendly loans and other services.

The Roundtable is also advocating for better research on the best ways to grow hemp, as well as the establishment of industry focused institutions and organizations. Clearly, its advocacy for hemp industry growth is sure to be key as the industry continues to expand.

3. Enlightening Insights from Jonathan Miller on US Hemp Roundtable’s Aim for 2023

According to US Hemp Roundtable executive director Jonathan Miller, there are several important objectives for 2023. Hemp is a valuable crop and with his leadership, it will be properly regulated so that farmers can utilize it as an agricultural commodity.

The US Hemp Roundtable wants to ensure hemp is given fair access to banking and credit markets. In addition, they are advocating for a change in the regulation of hemp-derived CBD products, as well as the passage of legislation that regulates hemp-derived products. Furthermore, they are pushing for farmers to be able to transport hemp interstate and to receive crop insurance and other supports.

  • Fair access to banking and credit markets – The US Hemp Roundtable wants to make sure that banks and credit markets are readily available to hemp farmers.
  • Regulation of hemp-derived CBD products – Hemp-derived CBD products must be regulated so that a proper review process is put in place.
  • Passage of legislation that regulates hemp-derived products – Legislation that regulates hemp-derived products should be passed so that farmers are allowed to transport hemp interstate.
  • Crop insurance and other supports – Hemp farmers will receive crop insurance and other financial supports so that they can properly manage their operations.

Miller believes that with these objectives in place, hemp farmers will be able to have the opportunity to succeed in the industry. By 2023, the US Hemp Roundtable hopes to have made significant progress in their aim to give hemp farmers the chance to properly grow the crop.

4. Harnessing 2023 US Farm Bill’s Potential: Jonathan Miller’s Vision

Jonathan Miller’s vision for the 2023 US Farm Bill is to create a platform that simplifies the decision-making process to drive positive outcomes for all stakeholders. In his strategy, he proposes four key strategies:

  • Set clear objectives
  • Engage local stakeholders
  • Incentivize best practices
  • Focus on long-term sustainability

First, Miller suggests that policymakers need to set comprehensive goals while working with local stakeholders to ensure shared progress and agreement. This should have a focus on incentivizing best practices that focus on sustainability and ecosystem health. Through this, we can create lasting change while prioritizing the long-term health and well-being of our people, species, and ecosystems.

Additionally, Miller calls for a transformation of the US food system from the ground up. By working with local businesses and small farms to create systems that are geared toward promoting food diversity and sustainability, we improve access to healthy food, economic opportunities, and reduce environmental pollution. With shared goals and collaborative planning, we can create the necessary changes to harness the potential of the 2023 US Farm Bill.

As US Hemp Roundtable looks to the future of the hemp industry, their goals for the 2023 Farm Bill are set to help bring the USDA and Ag departments up to speed with changes in the industry. With Miller and the US Hemp Roundtable at the helm, the industry is sure to see much success in the years to come.





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