Ron DeSantis Says He Would Not Decriminalize Marijuana If Elected President

Ron DeSantis Says He Would Not Decriminalize Marijuana If Elected President

If elected President of the United States, former Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has ruled out one of the main progressive policy proposals he would consider; the decriminalization of marijuana. Speaking at a campaign rally in Miami, DeSantis stated unequivocally that he would not legalize marijuana under his tenure, much to the disappointment of many of his supporters. Let’s take a look at what the politician had to say and understand the perspective of those who are advocating for marijuana decriminalization.

1. Ron DeSantis’ Tough Stance on Marijuana Use

Donald Trump Supports Ron’s Crusade

Governor Ron DeSantis has been relentless in his crusade against marijuana use in Florida. From imposing strict medical marijuana licenses, to banning the smoking of cannabis, he seems to be determined to fend off any progress in the legalisation of marijuana in the state. There is no doubt that the Donald Trump administration fully backs the governor’s actions in this regard.

The DeSantis administration’s approach towards cannabis use paints a clear picture that they are serious about protecting their citizens. This includes the long-term health of individuals as he believes that marijuana poses a threat to the wellbeing of Floridians. This has been exemplified in his highly publicised attempts to prohibit the vaping of marijuana within the state’s borders.

Many initiatives have also been put in place to support DeSantis in his campaigns against marijuana usage. This includes:

  • Increased police presence at party spots and festivals in areas with heavy recreational marijuana use
  • Rigid regulations regarding the cultivation of cannabis
  • Increased fines for dispensaries caught selling products to minors

Despite opposition from marijuana enthusiasts and businesses, the governor continues to stand his ground in his fight against the drug. It appears he will not be relenting anytime soon.

2. Looking into Ron DeSantis’ Views on Decriminalizing Marijuana

  • In recent months, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become increasingly vocal on his stance towards the growing marijuana legalization debate.
  • His aim is clear: To decriminalize cannabis and allow its uses for medical and recreational purposes within the state.

When it comes to his views on decriminalizing marijuana, Governor DeSantis is surprisingly progressive. He is one of the few politicians in the U.S. today who places protecting individual rights above the preservation of what’s already been established. Despite disappointments in the past, he is determined to establish legal cannabis reform in Florida and has stood firm in following through on the promises he’s made.

As a result, DeSantis has already laid out several actions to address the decriminalization of marijuana. For starters, he’s declared a priority to push the decriminalization of simple possession to a misdemeanor offense, thus, drastically reducing criminal penalties for those found with cannabis. In addition, he’s advocated for the implementation of expungement of all sentences related to marijuana possession for low-level offenders.

These new proposed actions signal a shift in the legal framework regarding marijuana within the state of Florida. However, whether or not Governor DeSantis’ agenda will succeed in the long run is still a matter of debate.

3. Why Ron DeSantis Rejects Calls for Marijuana Decriminalization

Ron DeSantis is the current Governor of Florida and stands against any calls for marijuana decriminalization. He believes decriminalizing marijuana could bring with it a host of unwanted problems, such as:

  • Increased drug abuse,
  • A potential “gateway drug” into more dangerous narcotics,
  • Potential for drug trafficking,
  • Increased negative social impacts

DeSantis believes that legalizing marijuana would send the wrong message to Florida’s youth and might increase pot usage amongst them. After all, he cites that many of the illnesses such as lung cancer, mental health problems, and testosterone reduction are linked to marijuana usage. DeSantis insists that for the safety and security of Floridians, marijuana decriminalization should not be tolerated.

4. The Consequences of Ron DeSantis’ Marijuana Policy

The implementation of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ marijuana policy has had some sweeping and unpredictable consequences in the Sunshine state. There are a few noteworthy issues to consider:

  • Taxes – Florida’s marijuana taxes are lower than the national average. This has caused some to suggest that the policy favors the legal marijuana industry in Florida more than the general public.
  • Cost of Production – Legal marijuana operations in Florida are far more expensive than comparable operations in other states. This has led to a shortage of marijuana products, as well as higher prices for consumers.
  • Health Concerns – There have been some reports of health issues arising due to the legal marijuana industry in Florida. Specifically, some studies have suggested that people who consume legal marijuana in Florida may be more prone to developing respiratory illnesses than those who consume marijuana in other states.

Here in Florida, Gov. DeSantis’ marijuana policy has opened the door for both pros and cons. On one hand, it has allowed the legal marijuana industry to grow, but it has also led to some unintended consequences that have had a negative impact on the general public. This is something to keep in mind as we move forward with implementing these policies across the state.

This is only the beginning of the stance that Ron DeSantis will take on marijuana legalization. We can expect many more conversations to take place on this issue as his candidacy for President progresses. No matter what the outcome, it’s clear that making recreational marijuana legal is no closer to becoming a reality anytime soon.





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