NY votes to allow cannabis farmers markets (Newsletter: July 20, 2023)

NY votes to allow cannabis farmers markets (Newsletter: July 20, 2023)

As New York continues to blaze a trail in the movement to legalize cannabis, the state’s approval of allowing cannabis farmers markets is yet another major milestone in the ongoing effort to spread access and create opportunity. On July 20, 2023, the state officially voted yes and cannabis farmers markets are now a reality. This bold decision will bring a wealth of potential rewards, from both social and economic perspectives.

1. NY Makes History with Cannabis Farmers Markets

New York joins the list of states legalizing cannabis and making history by allowing cannabis farmers’ markets. No longer will cannabis be bought from clandestine sources, the farmers’ market will bring cannabis sales out into the open.

At the farmers’ market, shoppers will be able to browse a wide selection of cannabis plants, some of which are:

  • Sweet grass: An aromatic grass that can be steeped in hot water for a tea.
  • Catnip: The favorite of cats for its sedative effects and mild intoxication.
  • Lemon balm: An uplifting plant that makes a pleasant tea.

This presents a great opportunity for New Yorkers to experience the joys of cannabis, sans the paranoia of criminal prosecution. Furthermore, it will expand the economy of the state and create job opportunities. As a result, this historic move continues to be a sign of a bigger push toward federal legalization.

2. New Law Ushers in a New Era of Consumer Obligation

The with businesses now requiring more from their customers. Those who receive goods and services must now be made aware, not only of their rights as customers, but also of their on-going duty to support the business that they are dealing with.

What does the law require?

  • Customers must ensure prompt payment for services and goods
  • Customers must keep their contact information up-to-date and accurate
  • Customers must accept full responsibility for any disputes between them and the seller
  • Customers must keep their customer terms with the seller up-to-date

Ultimately, customers have a responsibility to support the company that they are in business with. This can be anything from paying for goods and services on time, to providing any needed information quickly and efficiently whenever asked. The new law is a call for customers to embrace that responsibility. It is an opportunity to ensure a solid and meaningful relationship between customer and company for many years to come.

3. Opening a New Revenue Stream for NY Farmers

New York farmers face a number of challenges today, from unstable weather conditions to rising costs on products such as feed. But there is an up-and-coming opportunity to diversify their income streams and open access to a new type of revenue.

Farmer’s markets and Localharvest are giving farmers a platform to directly sell to their local customers. This provides access to higher-than-market prices, allowing them to absorb some of their increased costs while providing delicious and healthy food to their community. In addition to this, independent farms have been able to provide themselves with additional income through:

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): selling seasonal produce subscriptions to their customers.
  • Selling products to retail and wholesale outlets.
  • Producing ingredients for restaurants.
  • Investigating and developing value-added products from their crops.

New technology has also made it easier for small-scale producers to access markets which are normally restricted to larger producers. Mobile technology and a variety of online tools have made it easier for farmers to increase their sales, reach global markets, collaborate on projects, and keep accurate records.

4. 2020 Cannabis Revolution Continues with More Changes to Come

  • Medical Cannabis Use Now Legal in More States
  • New Forms of Cannabis Product Innovation

From recreational to medical uses, the 2020 revolution for cannabis legalization promises to bring significant change. Across the United States, more states are becoming increasingly accepting of the drug’s use, opening up the market for medical marijuana. Illinois joined 10 other states in legalizing cannabis use for any adult 21 and over, without a medical license. 33 states now allow some form of medical marijuana, with more likely to come.

At the same time, there are new innovations in the cannabis market, spurred by increased investment and lower prices. Different forms of cannabis-infused products are becoming increasingly popular, from topical creams to edible treats. Vaping and concentrate production also continue to evolve, creating products that can now be more precisely tailored to individual needs. With so many changes in the works, the 2020 cannabis revolution is well on its way.

New York is one giant step closer to bending the rules in favor of cannabis farmers markets. Residents are already imagining a lush future of responsibly produced and purchased cannabis, where the state can now focus on long-term plans to regulate the industry and, of course, enjoy the financial benefits. Here’s to a future of more access and more acceptance!





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