New Hampshire Organization Surveys Farmers About Marijuana Cultivation As State Leaders Eye Legalization

New Hampshire Organization Surveys Farmers About Marijuana Cultivation As State Leaders Eye Legalization

As legal marijuana gains traction around the country, the state of New Hampshire is taking a closer look at the potential of legalizing pot in their own state. While legalization is still far away, a local organization has taken the lead in finding out more about cannabis cultivation, and how it could potentially benefit farmers in New Hampshire. Through a survey, the organization is asking local farmers to provide insight into the possibilities of cultivating marijuana in The Granite State.

1. The New Hampshire Farmer Survey

The agricultural sector in New Hampshire is thriving, and the yearly Farmer Survey is the best way to keep track of its progress. The survey combines new-age technology with traditional practices to get valuable insights and data from farmers throughout the state. It covers the entire state, and participates include both small-scale farmers and large-scale operations.

Using a combination of interviews and on-site surveys, the NH Farmer Survey collects information on topics such as crop type, soil condition, climate change, business practices, and pest control. The data is then used to guide farming initiatives and legislation executed by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture. Unbiased and up-to-date data helps the organization in providing the best possible services and support to the New Hampshire farming community.

  • Gathers data from farmers across the state.
  • Covers a wide range of topics related to farming.
  • Helps to guide relevant legislation.

New Hampshire lawmakers are eyeing legal marijuana legislation with growing anticipation. The Granite State could become the eleventh US state to legalize adult-use marijuana. With increasing interest among both residents and politicians, this issue is gaining traction:

  • Support

Public opinion polls have found that a majority of New Hampshire adults support marijuana legalization, and not just in a medical capacity. This has certainly translated into the halls of government, with many vocal proponents in both chambers of the legislature. Representative Renny Cushing (D) has said that there is “overwhelming support in the House for moving forward,” and Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes (D) has voiced his approval of a possible ballot initiative.

  • Costs

A legal marijuana market in New Hampshire could bring considerable benefits in terms of revenue and job creation. New Hampshire is currently one of only three states that does not collect sales tax on non-prepared goods. Marijuana could help to fill in that gap, generating $30 million in tax revenue over the next three years. It could also create up to 2,000 jobs—allowing the state to better fund infrastructure, health care, and education.

3. Rising Interest in Cannabis Cultivation

Excitement in the Air
In recent times, many more have become interested in cannabis cultivation for both recreational and medical purposes. The demand for cannabis has been surging, and innovation in growing technology has allowed anyone to give it a go! The knowledge and resources available to the public today have made it possible for people to grow and cultivate their own cannabis.

Learning as You Grow
With the comes more people learning the ropes. It is an interesting challenge and adventure to be taken on, with the potential for a great gratification. Lessons can be learnt from trial and error, and discovering the tricks of keeping a healthy plant to produce quality yields. The journey offers something different and great to the dedicated cannabis cultivator.

  • It is possible to grow and cultivate cannabis.
  • Knowledge and resources are available to the public.
  • Cannabis cultivation offers an interesting challenge.
  • Growers can learn the tricks of producing quality yields.

4. The Future of Marijuana in New Hampshire

The legalization of recreational marijuana in New Hampshire is quickly becoming reality. Last year, lawmakers passed legislation that legalized both medical and recreational use in the state. Going forward, policy makers are focused on building a responsible regulatory framework that fosters economic growth and keeps legal marijuana out of the hands of minors.

The top priority for the Granite State is to create a safe and secure environment for those interested in utilizing marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. To do this, lawmakers are expected to implement stringent rules and regulations, as well as quality control measures to ensure that only legally available and quality products are being sold. Additionally, taxes will be collected from all marijuana sales and funneled into state and local government programs, while providing essential funding for social causes.

Once the foundation is in place, will be a bright one. Businesses will flourish, more jobs will be created, and the economy as a whole can benefit from the widespread availability of recreational and medical marijuana. As the laws become firmly established and marijuana businesses strive to align with government regulations, the future looks brighter every day for the Granite State.


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