Missouri Marijuana Regulators Announce Winners of Microbusiness License Lottery

Missouri Marijuana Regulators Announce Winners of Microbusiness License Lottery

Missouri just took a historic step in bringing marijuana regulation to the state. The Show Me State recently held a lottery to choose applicants who would be in the running for the select few who could earn licenses for the new recreational and medical marijuana microbusinesses. After weeks of anticipation, Missouri marijuana regulators have finally announced the lucky winners.

1. Historic Lottery Paves Way for Microbusinesses in Missouri

The state of Missouri recently recognized a need to reinvigorate their small and microbusinesses and decided to take action. A historic lottery was announced in April of last year, offering 50 Missouri-based small and microbusiness owners the opportunity to have their dreams become reality.

  • The lottery promised a free grant of up to $50,000 to winning applicants
  • Applicants would put the grant towards their business, with 5% of the grant funds to be put towards promotion or advertisement
  • Business owners must have an applicant history as well as a detailed business plan

The lottery was a major success, and many of Missouri’s small business owners saw their businesses enterprise into a successful, thriving venture. This was a result of the grant money enabling small business owners to buy supplies, equipment and other resources for their companies. Furthermore, the 5% for advertisement enabled many microbusinesses to expose their products or services to a larger audience, thereby allowing them to generate more sales.

2. Missouri’s Marijuana Regulators Take Big Step Forward

The state of Missouri continues to move forward in its progress towards legalizing medical marijuana. On Wednesday, regulators from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services took an important step in the initiative by releasing the scoring criteria, allowing applicants to begin the process fully and accurately.

The criteria is comprehensive, taking into account a variety of factors, such as:

  • The ability to provide safe access to medical marijuana
  • The commitment to security
  • The ability to comply with regulations
  • A proven record of successful business operations
  • A track record of positive community contribution

The criteria also looks into the personal and professional backgrounds of applicants to ensure qualifications are met in order to provide responsible access and oversight to medical marijuana within the state.

It is likely that the first licensees will be chosen by the end of the summer, bringing Missouri one step closer to ensuring medical marijuana access in the state.

3. First of its Kind Microbusiness Lottery Brings Joy and Opportunity to Missouri

Game-Changing Luck with New Lottery
Missouri is on the cutting edge of the entrepreneurial world as it has become the first state to introduce a microbusiness lottery. Small businesses with revenue of less than $2 million stand to benefit from the innovative initiative, taking advantage of the potential to fund their growth. Playing the lottery is much more than just winning a prize, it’s now an opportunity to live the American Dream, and it’s never been so accessible for small businesses.

The new microbusiness lottery will grant the winner a total of $250,000 for their business. The money goes a long way and can be used for:

  • Marketing campaigns that put small businesses on the map
  • Investing in research and development
  • Opening or expanding business premises
  • Providing employees with competitive benefits

Winning the lottery isn’t the only way to gain success in the business world however; the Missouri government are also offering their full support and mentorship as well as year-round initiatives to boost entrepreneurial success throughout the state.

4. Winners of the Microbusiness License Lottery Revealed

The thrill of waiting for the announcement of the winners of the Microbusiness License Lottery is finally over, and now the lucky selectees can start to plan their futures. The dozen names that have been chosen represent four counties all within the state. Here are the winners and where they hail from:

  • Cornelius Carter of Fairfax County
  • Dessy Montgomery of Sussex County
  • Samuel Wallace of Buchanan County
  • Aereon Howell of Appomattox County
  • Carrie Johnson of Fairfax County
  • Gabriel Padilla of Sussex County
  • Carson Harrington of Buchanan County
  • Quinn Oliver of Appomattox County
  • Esmeralda Garza of Fairfax County
  • Naomi Finch of Sussex County
  • Owen Caine of Buchanan County
  • John Tomlinson of Appomattox County

This is a life-changing opportunity for the 12 winners, who are now able to take full control of their own business destiny. They are now officially the proud owners of licenses that provide for them the ability to start and run their own ventures, no matter the size. And it all began with this exciting lottery.

The microbusiness license lottery in Missouri is sure to have a potent effect on the state’s marijuana industry. While only 10 licenses were granted in this lottery, the impact will be felt by many for years to come. With the winners now established, Missouri has set itself up for a green revolution that may light the way for other states to explore a similar approach to cannabis regulation.





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