Missouri Is Selling $4 Million Worth Of Marijuana Per Day On Average, With Sales Reaching Record High In June, State Data Shows

Missouri Is Selling $4 Million Worth Of Marijuana Per Day On Average, With Sales Reaching Record High In June, State Data Shows

It looks like the green rush in Missouri is going strong! New state data has revealed that Missouri is selling $4 million worth of marijuana per day on average and that sales have hit a record high in June. For those living in the Show-Me State, this is great news!

1. Missouri’s Marijuana Sales Surge to Record High

Missouri reported an explosive increase in marijuana sales in 2019, with sales reaching a new record high. Taxable marijuana sales in Missouri jumped an impressive 22.5%, totaling $140.8 million, for the year. Examining the sales by quarter, we can observe the sharp increase in 2019:

  • Q1 sales: $31.7 million
  • Q2 sales: $35.9 million
  • Q3 sales: $38.2 million
  • Q4 sales: $44.9 million

The jump in sales is largely attributed to Missouri’s gradual legalization of medical marijuana in December of 2018. Dispensaries sold over 6,000 pounds of medical marijuana in the fourth quarter alone. Dispensary sales have more than doubled since the state’s medical marijuana program launched, bringing in over $107 million in revenue for 2019 and cements Missouri’s place as a leader in the medical marijuana market.

2. Missouri Reaps Benefits of Tax Revenue from Marijuana Sales

It’s no secret that Missouri has one of the highest tax revenues in the country. With the introduction of medical and adult-use cannabis in 2020, the state has reaped additional benefits from the increased sale of marijuana products. Here’s a look at some of the ways in which Missouri is taking advantage of its new income stream.

  • Funding for State Programs: With the emergence of the marijuana market, the state has seen increased funds available for public programs. This includes funding for education, public safety, and infrastructure.
  • Job Opportunities: The emerging industry is creating job opportunities for those in the medical and retail sectors. This includes positions such as product developers, cultivators, and dispensary employees.
  • Economic Stimulus: In addition to job opportunities, Missouri can expect to see an overall boost to its economy. This is due to increased consumer spending, both in the marijuana industry and other sectors, as consumers gain more disposable income.

Overall, the legalization of marijuana in Missouri is proving to be a win-win for the state. With the influx of tax revenues, Missouri can now fund more public programs, create new job opportunities, and provide an economic stimulus for other sectors. As the industry continues to grow, these benefits are likely to increase.

3. Examining the Impact of Increased Marijuana Sales in Missouri

After a tumultuous 2020 wherein access to recreational marijuana was legalized in Missouri, the state has seen a substantial increase in marijuana sales. As a result, there are a wealth of effects being felt across the state that are worth noting.

The most obvious outcome is the positive economic impact. The marijuana industry brings in significant new revenue for the state and local governments which can be reinvested in infrastructure and social services. With legal marijuana, the government is no longer missing out on monetized opportunities nor is it denying its citizens the chance to purchase marijuana legally.

  • For communities, marijuana sales are creating jobs, boosting economic activity, and providing more disposable income. This helps stimulate the local economy, create jobs, and help stabilizes the local communities.
  • For consumers , greater access to marijuana allows them to make safe, informed purchases and receive goods and services without facing repercussions. They are also able to take advantage of competitive pricing.
  • For businesses, entrepreneurs are able to launch cannabis-related businesses and open additional recreational stores, medical dispensaries, and other services.

Finally, with increased legal marijuana sales comes the opportunity for public education and health care. Increased sales can be used to fund peer-review research on the impacts of marijuana and help shape public policy. Ultimately, is a worthwhile exercise that can bring with it a number of beneficial changes.

4. Paving the Way for Legalization of Recreational Use?

In the move to legalize recreational marijuana, the first step is paving the way for legal reform. Across the United States, different measures have been taken to this end, from decriminalization of possession to allowing certain medical uses. Here are some of the measures being taken:

  • Decriminalization: By decriminalizing possession and use, individuals are no longer subjected to jail time for the public use of marijuana. This has already been implemented in various states, and provides a common-sense and reasonable approach to dealing with a substance that is still legally considered a Schedule I drug.
  • Medical marijuana: In addition to decriminalization, many states have passed laws allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This allows patients suffering from chronic pain and other maladies to access the substance for therapeutic reasons, in some cases with medical supervision.
  • Taxation & regulation: Additionally, states which have legalized recreational marijuana have put in place policies which regulate its sale, while imposing a tax on the purchase of the product. This serves to generate revenue while helping to ensure that marijuana is only used responsibly and in a regulated setting.

Overall, these measures have been designed to bring the United States closer to legal reform in regards to recreational marijuana. By providing reasonable steps towards legalization, these policies help to ensure that marijuana is used responsibly and that people are not needlessly punished for using it.

The sale of marijuana in Missouri is booming, with the state smashing sales records for what has, only a year ago, still been an illegal drug. As the show continues, and with relaxed restrictions and legalization continuing to happen all across the country, only time will tell as to what this means for the future of cannabis sales in the United States.





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