Minnesota’s First Marijuana Shop Sees ‘Overwhelming’ Sales On Legalization’s First Day, Having To Turn Away Customers And Close Online Orders

Minnesota’s First Marijuana Shop Sees ‘Overwhelming’ Sales On Legalization’s First Day, Having To Turn Away Customers And Close Online Orders

The wait is finally over for Minnesotans eager to be among the first to legally purchase marijuana products in the state, with newly-opened shops reporting ‘overwhelming’ sales on the day of legalization. After nearly a decade of debate, the iconic birch leaf of Minnesota is now associated, not only with forests and lakes, but also with legal cannabis, making history across the Midwest.

1. Minnesota’s Historic Cannabis Celebration – Day One

Minnesotans got a glimpse of the incredible history of cannabis this weekend at Minneapolis’ first-ever historic cannabis celebration. People gathered from near and far to commemorate, educate, and discuss the important place of cannabis in our past and in our present.

From hemp fashion shows and demonstrations of traditional cooking and medicinal practices, to lively presentations from the state’s leading cannabis advocacy groups – there was something for everyone. Attendees learned all about the native best practices of cannabis:

  • Cotton Cultivation: participants took home valuable information on the cultivation of hemp as an alternative method of making cotton fabrics.
  • Wild Foraging: expert speakers discussed native wild-foraging practices and techniques for harvesting cannabis in the wild.
  • Growing Practices: guests had the opportunity to learn sustainable growing techniques and see demonstrations of modern cannabis cultivation.

The celebration brought people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs together in a respectful and engaging atmosphere. Attendees left with a greater understanding of the importance of preserving our historic cannabis practices, and a commitment to keep the conversation alive!

2. A Brisk Business: Minnesota’s Long-Awaited Marijuana Shop

After a long and tested wait, Minnesota’s first-ever legal marijuana shop is finally open for business! Veterans of the medical marijuana industry and first-time customers alike are already enjoying this milestone in state’s history. Here’s what locals need to know about Minnesota’s first marijuana retailer.

  • The Lake Street Marijuana Shop: Located in one of Minneapolis’ oldest neighborhoods on 11th Avenue South, the Lake Street Marijuana Shop is the first of its kind in Minnesota. Boasting an impressive selection, customers can expect to find a range of products, from dried flower and edibles to vapes and oils.
  • The permit process: Before opening their shops, business owners had to get approved for a variety of state permits, including the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s retail license. In addition, each shop provides training and test-outs for their employees to become certified cannabis professionals.
  • Safety protocols: Customer safety is a priority for Minnesota’s marijuana retailers. Not only do they follow strict safety guidelines to ensure the quality of product, but the shops also utilize public health protocols to make sure customers are safe. Customers are asked to wear facemasks and are encouraged to keep their distance from other customers.

Minnesota’s marijuana shop is already bustling with customers eager to buy their first legal marijuana products. With the safe protocols and smooth permit process, the state’s first cannabis shop is sure to be a success.

3. Overwhelming Sales: Turning Away Customers & Closing Orders

This is something you’re typically hoping to experience as a business owner, yet at the same time, it can be truly overwhelming when sales start to ramp up so quickly. So what do you do when you have way too much demand coming your way?

  • Start by assessing what resources you have at your disposal and determine sensible limits.
  • Be honest and transparent with customers as to what you are able to do.
  • If possible, offer an upgrade or an alternative product.
  • Be prepared to respectfully decline orders or take on new customers for the time being.

Taking a more selective approach to your business can help reduce any potential overwhelm and ensure you are operating in a sustainable manner. Rather than stretching yourself too thin, think of being strategic about what and who you take on. This will enable you to provide a consistent level of quality service, maintain an excellent customer experience, and benefit the longevity of your business.

4. The Aftermath: What’s Next for Cannabis in Minnesota?

The future of cannabis in Minnesota depends heavily on the success of the initiatives presented to folks around the state. If voters approve the reforms, the state will transition to a system that allows for the legal sale of medical and recreational cannabis to adults. Regulations will be leveraged to ensure the health and safety of its residents, while also creating an environment of trust, transparency, and fairness that encourages investment and growth within the cannabis industry.

The next steps for Minnesota should center around providing business owners with the resources they need to succeed. Leveraging education to increase the public’s understanding of responsible consumerism and communicating the industry’s responsibilities to uphold regulation. Businesses should also look to establish themselves by cultivating business relationships that foster trust and goodwill. Ultimately, the goal is for the state of Minnesota to be on the forefront of cannabis reform and become a leader in legal cannabis.

As the first day of marijuana legalization in Minnesota comes to an end, it’s evident that customers are embracing the change. Customers at Minnesota’s first marijuana shop, Minnesota Medical Solutions, were out in droves and it’s apparent that there is a demand for legal marijuana in the state. As the demand grows, it is clear now more than ever that marijuana in Minnesota is here to stay.


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