Marijuana retailer Fika’s winning Fire & Flower bid was CA$36 million

Marijuana retailer Fika’s winning Fire & Flower bid was CA$36 million

Do you remember the days when marijuana was limited to street-level selling? One marijuana retailer is proving that times have certainly changed – the Alberta based company, Fika, has recently been awarded an historic bid to become the official provider for the province, for a hefty sum of CA$36 million. Read on to learn more about Fika’s journey to becoming Canada’s leading marijuana retailer!

1. Fika’s Fantastic Fire & Flower Fortune

When it’s time to get your fortune told, why not try a classic fortune telling duo? offers a unique and exciting experience to all its customers. With two completely different questions, depending on the season, the Fika Oracle denies the skeptic and succumbs to the believer.

The first question on the Oracle card is the Flower Fortune. As the seasons rotates, so do the meanings and instructions. During the Winter months, customers are encouraged to choose a flower from the selection given, and the Oracle will interpret it and give advice.

Then, the second question is the Fire Fortune. Customers dip their hands into a basket of brightly coloured stones, pick out three, and the Oracle interprets them and offers advice. Different stones have different meanings and combining them creates a unique story.

Whether you’re in for the experience or looking for a magical answer to life’s puzzling questions, the Fika Oracle will bring you unending joy and a unique experience.

2. The $36 Million Marijuana Milestone

It’s a major milestone that’s helping to shape the future of the legal marijuana industry: 35 American states and Washington, DC have now made medical marijuana legal, making it easier for millions of sick patients to gain access to the drug. As of 2020, these combined states have cumulatively spent over $36 million on medical marijuana, underscoring just how far the industry has come.

Once deemed a gray industry, cannabis businesses are quickly becoming seen as a potentially lucrative sector — and marijuana-related technology is leading the way. Companies like Toast, Leafly, and Eaze, which are developing cutting-edge apps and cloud-based solutions to make ordering and delivery simpler, are making it easier for medical marijuana dispensaries to thrive. Combined with medical research developments and the legalization of recreational smoking, this $36 million milestone signifies the move towards a more legitimate status for marijuana.

  • 35 U.S. states and Washington, DC have now made medical marijuana legal.
  • As of 2020, the cumulative spending on medical marijuana in these states is over $36 million.
  • Companies like Toast, Leafly, and Eaze are developing technology to make ordering and delivery simpler

3. Boosting Business with a Bold Bid

There is no denying that businesses everywhere are feeling the impact of the ever-changing market. Companies need to find innovative ways to shift their offer and investment strategy in order to stay ahead of the curve. A bold bid is one of the most successful avenues to do this. Here are three advantages of this approach:

  • The potential to acquire assets at below-market value.
  • Increased access to targeted clientele.
  • Opportunity to form strategic partnerships with existing businesses.

Making a bold bid is no small undertaking and requires due diligence on behalf of the business. Understand the market landscape and research the economic drivers that will remain viable into the future. When assessing potential investments, it’s important to consider the estimated value that each asset brings to the business. Partnerships create the opportunity for both businesses to share resources and increase their individual marketing, sales, and operational reach. Use this approach to propel your business forward in new and exciting directions.

4. Cannabis Community Celebrates Success

The cannabis community has much to celebrate. Following decades of resistance, the collective effort to remove the stigma and move towards legalization is steadily gaining momentum. As states continue to approve recreational use of marijuana, there exists an important moment of collective joy.

Thanks to the passion and diligence of advocates, the cannabis industry is now the most profitable it’s ever been. From hemp farms to dispensaries and delivery services, the economic opportunities are burgeoning. Even financial firms that were once hesitant to provide banking services for those in the cannabis industry now have opened their doors.

  • Cannabis-related businesses are now able to obtain banking services.
  • The law reforms have catalyzed an unprecedented amount of investment in the sector.
  • The collective efforts of activist organizations have proved successful.

The cannabis community is drawing triumphant breath, recognizing the far-reaching implications of these reforms. It’s a noteworthy achievement and an integral part of the journey toward full legalization.

For Fika, the sky’s the limit. With a major win in the Fire & Flower bid, this marijuana retailer has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Fika’s ambitious 36 million-dollar bid aims to propel the cannabis industry to new heights – and with this bright future just within reach, once might wonder, what’s next?





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