Marijuana MSO footprints mapped out in new feature

Marijuana MSO footprints mapped out in new feature

As the marijuana market continues its take-up across the United States and beyond, a new feature has come to light mapping out the footprints of Multi-state Operators, and how they’re making their presence known. There are now visible pathways outlining MSO’s journey to expansion and how they’re gaining a foothold in the marijuana industry.

1. An Overview of Cannabis MSOs

Cannabis MSOs, or multi-state operators, are a relatively new trend that has been emerging in the cannabis industry. These large companies are creating pan-national footprints, by operating in several of the legal U.S. cannabis markets.

These companies are typically well-funded and can take advantage of a variety of opportunities associated with operating in multiple cannabis markets. MSOs typically provide access to dispensary management, cannabis consulting, real estate, and other services across state lines. They also have access to a wide range of legal and marketing knowledge when entering new states.

    Key benefits of Cannabis MSOs include:

  • Larger footprints across multiple state markets.
  • Access to resources and intelligence related to different state/local cannabis regulations.
  • Greater ability to develop and refine operational processes and strategies in multiple licenses.
  • Greater economies of scale through combining resources and sharing knowledge.

2. Visualizing the MSOs’ Schemes

  • Seeing the Data

Monitoring and surveillance operations (MSOs) often collect massive amounts of data, making it difficult to identify key insights or trends. Visualizing the data is a great way to find meaning and make sense of the data. By using creative visual solutions, such as bar graphs and charts, data analysts can reveal clear trends and insights that wouldn’t be readily apparent in long lists and spreadsheets.

  • Building the Visuals

Once the data has been collected, the process of constructing visuals can begin. Through carefully choosing the right elements and layering them, data analysts can create visuals that are easy for even novice individuals to comprehend. Colours, shapes, sizes, lines, and arrows are just a few of the elements that can be used to highlight certain details and relationships between data points in an MSO’s scheme. Data analysts can now quickly recognize the underlying trends and patterns, helping them to draw more reliable conclusions.

3. Exploring the Footprints on the Map

Exploring the world doesn’t have to mean hopping on a plane- at least, not always. Whether in your hometown or in a faraway land, there are boundless opportunities to discover your own little slice of the world.

Deepen your appreciation for the places both near and far with these steps:

  • Check out the local attractions: What sites around town are iconic and define its place in the world? Whether its a museum or local diner, there’s plenty to explore in your own backyard.
  • Interface with common locals: Regardless of the culture or language, when you talk to native residents, you become privy to insights and stories that can give you a unique understanding of the area.
  • Use technology to build on your knowledge: Sometimes the key to knowing a place lies beyond what you can physically see. Look up notable landmarks and landmarks around the area to build out a comprehensive picture for yourself.

Lace up those shoes and hit the pavement- if you’re looking for knowledge, you’re bound to discover new and exciting things if you search hard enough.

4. Spotting the Opportunities Ahead

As the business world shifts and changes, it’s ever important to equip yourself with the tools to identify the upcoming opportunities. Below, we provide four key considerations to keep in mind when looking ahead:

  • Analyze Market Trends -it’s worth reviewing the evidence of recent events to identify where the market appears to be going. It is also beneficial to examine the effects of competitors and new market entrants to evaluate your own company’s position.
  • Pay Attention to Your Customers – Customary feedback surveys can provide good insight into customer wants and preferences which can often provide clues for future opportunities.
  • Stay Up to Date on Industry Developments – Keep tabs on the current trends within relevant industries and amongst competitors. This includes being abreast of any new technology, legislation or changes in consumer behaviour.
  • Proceed with Consideration-Although it’s important to be on the lookout for opportunities, it is always worth taking the necessary steps to ensure any decisions are made accordingly as only robust decisions will allow successful outcomes.

Keeping these considerations in mind will provide the guidance needed to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. By regularly monitoring, recognizing and seizing these, it’s possible to help your business further its mission and reach new heights.

Marijuana MSO footprints are a fascinating new landscape of established operations and ambitious upstarts. There’s still a great deal of exploration required in order to fully understand how these companies and their networks have grown over the years. But this new feature provides us with a map that will lay out how the terrain has shifted, giving us valuable insight into the burgeoning landscape.


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