Marijuana marketing platform Springbig moves from Nasdaq to OTC

Marijuana marketing platform Springbig moves from Nasdaq to OTC

The future of cannabis industry marketing just took an intriguing turn as Springbig, a leading marijuana marketing platform, announced a strategic move from the Nasdaq to the Over the Counter (OTC) market. This decision could drastically shake up the cannabis startup landscape, heralding in a new wave of chart-topping pot possibilities.

1. Cannabis Retailer Springbig Makes Big Switch to OTC

Cannabis Retailer Springbig is Adapting to New Norms

Cannabis retailer Springbig is making the leap into over the counter (OTC) investing as a rapid response to the changing business landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Springbig’s switch to the OTC market is indicative of the marketplace’s need to keep up with the rapidly shifting industry.

This decision is likely to result in a range of new opportunities for TRTC, Springbig’s parent company. More access to capital will enable the cannabis retailer to expand their operations with greater speed. Moreover, the OTC Indication of Interest (IOI) platform might help them capture the attention of larger institutional investors.

Not to mention, the platform now gives Springbig access to a larger investor pool, which might be beneficial in creating a better business relationship with the investors. It also provides Springbig with an additional layer of protection from any potential market downturns.

Overall, Springbig’s move into OTC is likely to be beneficial for both the company and the investors in the long-term. By capitalizing on the changing business paradigm, Springbig is setting the blueprint for other cannabis retailers hoping to adapt to these new challenges.

2. Reimagining the Marketing opportunities from Nasdaq to OTC

The Nasdaq and over-the-counter markets offer some of the most attractive opportunities for investors. As a marketing executive, it’s time to rethink how to maximize these opportunities to reach new audiences. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Build relationships with executives: Establish relationships with key industry executives and decision makers in the Nasdaq and over-the-counter markets. Through these connections, you can gain insights into the most attractive investments and capitalize on emerging trends.
  • Engage the media: Develop relationships with journalists and bloggers covering the Nasdaq and OTC markets. This allows you to ensure accurate coverage of market trends and potential opportunities.
  • Host market events: Highlight your success stories and provide guidance to potential investors by hosting events in the Nasdaq and OTC markets. This can be an effective way to build trust and confidence in potential investors.

The Nasdaq and OTC markets offer immense potential for creative, engaged marketing strategies. With the right execution, your company can benefit from these opportunities and reach new, valuable audiences.

3. Springbig: Moving Forward with No Slowdown in Sight

As an innovative loyalty program software provider, Springbig has grown in leaps and bounds, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the industry. In fact, the company has accomplished more in the last year alone than they have in the past decade.

  • Encouraging User Growth: Springbig has focused their attention on increasing user acquisition and retention. Through creating an intuitive mobile app, they offer customers the convenience of accessing rewards programs on their phones. This has fuelled user growth and improved customer engagement.

Innovation has been the core of their success story and the company continues to release new features and products with the aim of delivering maximum value to their clients.

  • Better Solutions: Springbig has also been focusing their efforts on deploying simpler and smarter solutions. Their platform has become an efficient and cost-effective option for companies looking to drive customer loyalty. By providing a seamless user experience, Springbig enables businesses to gain insights into their customer needs.

4. Exploring the Impact of Springbig’s Move from Nasdaq to OTC

Understanding the Consequences of the Move

  • The company’s decision brought in some expected as well as unexpected results.
  • Investors had to understand the implications of a delayed pricing information.

Springbig has made a giant leap from the Nasdaq platform to the OTC platform. With this move, came an array of opinions from several analysts, stockholders, and other stakeholders regarding the impact of the change. Generally, according to experts, the move has had a mixed reaction.

One of the reasons for this move was the company’s substantial growth, which was not being reflected on the Nasdaq platform and the move was seen as an apt way to ensure faster access to capital and recognition of the progress made. On the flip side, the decreased liquidity that came with the move, low trading volume and, most importantly, the delayed pricing information could have implications on investor confidence.

Equity investors had a mixed reaction to the move, with some taking a short-term view while others looking at the noticeable gains being made by Springbig in the medium-term. In conclusion, it can be seen that the company’s decision brought in some expected as well as unexpected results, and investors had to understand the implications of a delayed pricing information in order to plan their investments appropriately.

The marijuana industry has a bright future ahead of it, and with the move of Springbig to the OTC, it’s clear that the industry continues to be a strong and stable part of our economy. With its innovative marketing platform, the company is sure to continue to make waves and drastically change the way marijuana products are marketed and distributed. Only time will tell just how far this move from Nasdaq to the OTC market will take the company, but one thing is for sure, they are sure to make their mark.





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