How Decibel disrupted Canadian cannabis: Q&A with exec Adam Coates

How Decibel disrupted Canadian cannabis: Q&A with exec Adam Coates

Adam Coates has been at the forefront of Canada’s disrupted cannabis industry. As Chief Executive Officer of Decibel, he is revolutionizing the way Canadians access and consume cannabis. In this exclusive Q&A, we delve into how Coates and Decibel are innovating the industry and pushing Canada into the future of cannabis retail.

1. Introducing Decibel: A Cannabis Disrupter

Decibel, the newest kid on the cannabis market, is all about disruption. A combination of advanced technology, groundbreaking research, and experienced know-how, Decibel truly takes the cannabis industry to the next level.

We offer ways of cultivating, preparing and dosing cannabis like never before:

  • Leading-edge technology – Our growth chambers, integrated with high-tech sensors, create the precise environment for each specific cannabis strain.
  • Innovative extraction methods – We are the first to combine a lower-temperature, light hydrocarbon gas extraction method with an agitation-assisted direct immersion process.
  • Enhanced delivery systems – Our tablets and lozenges allow for precise, consistent dosing in an accurate form.

We believe that cannabis is an incredibly powerful plant, and each strain contains its own unique set of active ingredients that can offer a variety of medical benefits. Our goal is to unlock the potential in each strain with innovative technologies and unique extraction methods that bring out the best of nature.

2. An Interview with Decibel Executive Adam Coates

Adam Coates, Executive at Decibel

Adam Coates is an unassuming powerhouse in the software industry. He currently serves as executive for the tech company Decibel, overseeing marketing efforts across the organization. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Coates about his experience in the tech industry and the future of Decibel.

When asked about career highlights, Adam proudly shared the following:

  • Serving Decibel in various management-level positions for nearly ten years.
  • Spearheading Decibel’s creative marketing strategies, which resulted in increased sales.
  • Developing a unique customer acquisition strategy, which streamlined onboarding processes and boosted company user growth.

He also gave us insight into what drives him every day. According to Frank – he appraises every challenge as a new opportunity to make a difference. “Innovation and iteration are the cornerstones of our success at Decibel,” he said. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.”

3. Decibel’s Impact on the Canadian Cannabis Space

For those in the know, Decibel is Canada’s first cannabis-focused investment group that have been making waves throughout the burgeoning Canadian cannabis sector. Their ambition to create globally dominant cannabis companies has led to an impressive portfolio of companies, made even more powerful by strategic investments from major institutions like ATB Financial and Deloitte.

Decibel has been a driving force in the Canadian cannabis space since its launch. They have put together an experienced and astute team of experts with deep knowledge in fields such the law, finance, and technology, who have had an immeasurable impact on the sector. They have also created an impressive network of contacts within the industry, and have formed strategic partnerships that can support their investments and that of their portfolio companies.

  • Market Insights: Decibel’s team are up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the cannabis industry, providing valuable insights to inform their investments and portfolio companies.
  • Partnerships: Decibel’s strategic partnerships with major institutions and industry leaders open up more financing opportunities, enables greater access to expertise, and further boosts the potential of their investments.
  • Portfolio Companies: Decibel’s diverse portfolio of companies focus on a variety of cannabis-related fields, covering production to edibles. Moreover, there is a twofold advantage since portfolio companies can learn from each other and capital can be re-invested.

4. What the Future Holds for Decibel and Canadian Cannabis

Decibel and Canadian cannabis have a bright future ahead of them. With Canada’s shifting cannabis laws and the growing interest in alternative forms of medicine, Decibel is poised to make a major impact.

Decibel is investing in research and development, finding new and inventive ways to increase cannabis efficiency, improve product selections, and expand their reach in the marketplace. They are developing new products that use specialized technology to deliver cannabis in a safe and effective way. In the future, we can expect to see Decibel launching innovative products that utilize natural ingredients and formulate alternative treatments for a myriad of ailments.

They are also making strides to increase scientific research regarding cannabis and its medicinal effects on humans. With the help of new framework and technology, Decibel is in a unique position to develop groundbreaking new products and treatments that have the potential to improve people’s lives. The future of Decibel and Canadian cannabis looks brighter than ever.

For the many Canadian citizens looking to step in the cannabis industry, Decibel is a shining beacon of hope. Through its innovative technologies and forward-thinking approach, Decibel has undoubtedly disrupted the Canadian cannabis industry in a significant way. But without Adam Coates’ guidance, Decibel wouldn’t be where it is today. Thanks to him, a wave of progress is underway. Let’s hope more tales like his continue to arise in order to keep the cannabis industry booming.





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