High Times parent sells cannabis IP, licensing deals to Lucy Scientific

High Times parent sells cannabis IP, licensing deals to Lucy Scientific

The powerhouse parent behind the iconic cannabis publication “High Times” has just sold some of its most valued intellectual property and licensing deals to Lucy Scientific, the leading cannabis company on the West Coast. Now, Lucy Scientific has the exclusive rights to the highly sought-after product launches and innovations associated with High Times for use in their own product line. It’s an exciting new move for both companies, and one that is sure to have an immense ripple effect in the cannabis industry.

1. Introducing Lucy Scientific’s New Cannabis Licensing Deals

Lucy Scientific is proud to announce its new cannabis licensing deals!

These deals are geared towards providing businesses in the cannabis industry with the resources and knowledge they need for success. From growth strategies to product development and sales, these deals provide a comprehensive range of services for cannabis innovators.

  • Growth Strategies: Get a head start in the industry by utilizing Lucy Scientific’s growth strategies tailored specifically for the cannabis sector.
  • Product Development: Learn the tools of the trade and gain the skills needed to create innovative products for the cannabis market.
  • Sales: Establish a successful sales strategy and target clientele with tailored services from Lucy Scientific.

The new deals are the perfect choice for those looking to break into the cannabis market and make a name for themselves. With Lucy Scientific as a partner, aspiring businesses can take their ideas to the next level.

2. How High Times is Headed for a Unified Future

High Times has a vision for a unified future. Enabled by technology and evolving societal attitudes, this future looks towards the day when medical and recreational marijuana is accessible to all. For this to be achieved, certain steps need to be taken:

  • Increased Availability: Getting marijuana in the hands of more people means full nationwide legalization, which can only be achieved through continued advocacy and education.
  • Evolved Practices: To ensure professionalism and quality, cannabis companies must continue to build best practices in product safety, sustainability, and accessibility.

Along with improved management and better regulations, High Times is focused on bringing awareness to the need for cohesive businesses that can be trusted and respected. Along with technology and scientific innovation, this is the base of what it will take to get cannabis into more hands and lives, while making sure it’s always safe and responsibly used.

3. Finding Lucrative Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

When the cannabis industry begins to boom, many business owners will be scrambling for the best opportunities. Making money in this industry is still risky; but, with the right approach, entrepreneurs can make lucrative investments.

  • Invest in Start-Ups: Cannabis-related start-ups are popping up all over the country. Investing in a budding new business in the industry can be incredibly lucrative, yet risky.
  • Pursue Licensing: With recent legislation, a license to produce, distribute, and sell cannabis is becoming more difficult, but more valuable. The cost of such a license is incredibly high, but if you can get your hands on one, the benefits can be substantial.
  • Provide Services or Support: Cannabis-based companies need services that non-cannabis companies need, like banking, web design, or printing. Pitching such services can fill an ever-growing need of these businesses.

Overall, diving into the cannabis industry does involve risk because of its legal ambiguity in many states, but financial rewards can be big for those that take the proper precautions. With the potential to be extremely lucrative, investors should take some of their capital and begin to explore the possibilities of the cannabis industry.

4. A Bright Outlook for End-Users with Lucy Scientific

Lucy Scientific is a data science platform that is designed to make the life of end-users easier. It provides users with the power to quickly analyze and predict any type of data without requiring deep knowledge and understanding of complex data science techniques that often come with a steep learning curve. Lucy Scientific, with its intuitive user interface, makes end-users feel proactive and enables them to take control of their data.

Users can count on different features, such as:

  • In-depth analytics to better understand their data
  • Ability to create powerful predictive models
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • A powerful research library

The uses for Lucy Scientific are expanding rapidly, and it is connecting users to a big universe of data science possibilities and powering their data-driven decisions. It is an essential tool for any end-user who wants to maximize the potential of data and enjoy a bright outlook in the data science space.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, Lucy Scientific’s acquisition of High Times’ intellectual property and licensing deals represents an exciting milestone and reinforces their commitment to being on the cutting edge of the industry. Everyone is watching with anticipation to witness the powerful possibilities opened up with this transaction. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!





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