German cannabis plan approved by cabinet (Newsletter: August 17, 2023)

German cannabis plan approved by cabinet (Newsletter: August 17, 2023)

After decades of strident opposition to the legalization of marijuana, the German government made a historic decision today – they approved a landmark plan in favor of the legalization of cannabis. For decades, the country has been hesitant to make changes to cannabis laws, but the cabinet’s vote brings a major wave of change to the heart of German politics. With the approval of the plan, Germany looks to be on track to become one of the world’s leading producers of cannabis in the coming years.

1. Germany Takes Strides Towards Legalizing Cannabis

The Government of Germany is currently taking steps towards officially legalizing cannabis as a recreational drug. Despite being a controversial subject in many countries, Germany is leading the way towards creating an appropriate and safe tepidative for cannabis use, as it continuously works to improve the system in favor of cannabis consumers and the general population.

The country took a milestone step in this direction when it recently voted to decriminalize cannabis possession. This marks a shift in the nation’s approach to legal cannabis possession, giving the approximately 11 million consumers a much awaited sense of relief. Not only is this move a victory for costumers, but it is also a major shift in overall policy of the government. The bill is still waiting for approval before it is officially enforced, but nevertheless, it marks a big moment in the country’s cannabis history.

It should be noted that the German cannabis laws are still far from being liberal, as recreational cannabis remains illegal, despite the decriminalization. The government also has clear standards and limits in terms of cultivation and tax regulations.

  • Germany’s legal cannabis possession limit is set to fifteen grams.
  • The enforced taxation structure is quite strict, with a 25% flat rate for cultivation and higher taxes for sale and shipments.

2. German Cabinet Approves Policy to Regulate Cannabis Industry

In a big step towards modernization and liberalization of the country’s policies, the German cabinet has approved a policy to regulate the cannabis industry. With this move, the country has become one of the few countries across the globe to allow the sale of cannabis for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

The regulatory procedure for this industry sets forth a change in the law, which now permits the growth of cannabis through authorized outlets. The new policy seeks to establish a framework for the production, sale, and consumption of cannabis. It mandates the formation of stringent rules to ensure quality control, traceability, and health standards. Some of the measures included are:

  • Setting limits on the quantity of THC that can be present in cannabis
  • The requirement of unique barcodes on products to track the movement and further ensure safety
  • A system of registered producers and retailers

This new policy has been welcomed by many as a positive move. It is expected that this will create much needed economic opportunities for the country and help push it towards a much more liberal economic system.

3. Could Europe See a Major Increase in Cannabis Use?

With the rise of pro-cannabis legislation being brought into Europe, these regulatory changes could soon result in a major surge of European countries embracing cannabis use.

Europe’s changing landscape could see citizens increasingly using cannabis for both leisure and medicinal purposes. As a recreational drug, cannabis should be regulated in the same way as tobacco and alcohol – an idea that is backed by a recent European Union poll which found that 77 percent of Europeans favored decriminalizing the drug. Additionally, as a medicinal drug, more European countries are beginning to recognize and legalize medical cannabis. This could include any form of cannabis-based products to treat a range of ailments such as cancer, epilepsy or chronic pain:

  • In Germany, medical marijuana was legalized in 2017 and is now accessible to those with prescriptions
  • In France, the sales of cannabis-based medicinal products may become legal as early as next year
  • Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has already legalized medical cannabis, allowing doctors to prescribe the drug to those in need

The laws surrounding cannabis are ever-evolving, and a major increase in its use across Europe is becoming increasingly likely. With the potential for economic benefits and regulated safety measures now within reach, it won’t be long until Europe sees the full effect of these changes.

4. Potential Economic and Social Benefits of German Cannabis Policy

Lower Crime Rates and Health Benefits

According to a 2014 report released by the German government, introducing a legal cannabis market in Germany could result in a significant reduction of drug-related public crime and health risks. The report suggested that the legalization and regulation of cannabis could provide many benefits – including a decrease in crime linked to the sale and use of illegal narcotics, and improved public health outcomes as a result of less hazardous drug use. Additionally, strict regulation of the newly-legal cannabis market would allow for quality control and the assurance of safe, consistent cannabis products.

Economic Benefits

Cannabis legalization and regulation would also generate considerable economic benefits for the country. Taxation and regulation of cannabis could potentially bring in billions of euros in annual revenue for the government. Furthermore, the introduction of a legal marijuana industry could create thousands of jobs and stimulate economic growth in Germany. By pushing the cannabis market to the legitimate economy, there would be improved investment opportunities, allowing small businesses to contribute to the country’s economy and local communities – creating lasting job opportunities.

Well, that’s it from us here at this month’s newsletter. We hope you enjoyed learning of Germany’s recent approval to start a cannabis plan. Now, the only thing left is to see how Germany’s ambitious plan plays out and how it will impact its citizens. Will we soon see a new era of drugs policy in Germany? Only time will tell, but we can be sure this is a huge step in the right direction.





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