congress should force va to study medical marijuana for military veterans after years of inaction lawmaker says at hearing

Congress Should Force VA To Study Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans After Years Of Inaction, Lawmaker Says At Hearing

It wasn’t that long ago when using medical marijuana in the United States was seen as taboo. But the times are changing quickly, and now some members of Congress are pushing for the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to take action when it comes to researching the potential of medical marijuana for military veterans. At a recent hearing, one lawmaker said it was time for Congress to force the VA to take action after years of inaction on the issue. This could be a major step forward for military veterans across the country and could provide them with much-needed relief.

1. VA Stalled on Examining the Benefits of Medical-Grade Marijuana

The benefits of medical-grade marijuana have been slowly but surely gaining more and more attention. But, while numerous states have decided that the substance is valuable medicine, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs has been notably slower to take action. Because of this, many veterans are still suffering without access to this safe, natural, and potentially life-saving treatment.

The VA’s reluctance to allow medical-grade marijuana use among veterans has some serious implications. Veterans may feel like their needs aren’t being taken seriously, and many have attempted self-medicating with lower-grade marijuana. This raises the risk of them using tainted or contaminated substances that could cause harm. In addition, it prevents veterans from taking advantage of the potentially therapeutic effects of medical-grade supplies, such as:

  • Pain Relief: Marijuana has been shown to improve chronic pain that is resistant to other treatments.
  • Anxiety Relief: Many veterans have anxiety related to their experiences while in service, and marijuana has been used successfully to counter those feelings.
  • Better Sleep: PTSD sufferers often have difficulty sleeping, and marijuana can help by calming the mind and body.

By dragging its feet on this issue, the VA may be limiting the possibilities available to veterans who need help managing their symptoms. The good news is that this situation has not escaped the attention of lawmakers, and progress is being made in Congress to expand access. With the continued efforts of veterans and their families, medical-grade marijuana may soon become a regular part of veterans’ treatment plans.

2. Congressman Calls for Congressional Action On Cannabis Research

Congressman Tom Hodge of Wisconsin is pushing to legalize marijuana research on the national level. He argued that governing bodies should be able to work together to determine whether marijuana should be used under more specific conditions.

“Currently, marijuana research is conducted through an onerous, bureaucratic process that often takes years to complete. We can do better. We need to allow responsible members of Congress to objectively study the medicinal potential of marijuana so we can make informed, evidence-based decisions,” said Hodge.

He urged Congress to enact legislation that would:

  • Allow scientists to research marijuana without the fear of criminal prosecution;
  • Create a new federal pathway for evaluating the medical use of marijuana based on research evidence;
  • Expand the use of data and clinical trials to inform medical judgement about the safety and efficacy of marijuana.

Hodge further noted that marijuana is used for medical purposes in more than 33 states, and in many countries around the world. He suggests that the lack of reliable data to support the medical use of marijuana has been a major problem and that the time has come to update regulations governing medical marijuana research. He called on Congress to end this prohibition and enable promising research.

3. Examining the Evidence: Could Medical Marijuana Help Veterans?

As the United States continues to grapple with the toll that military service takes on veterans’ physical and mental health, a new potential solution has emerged: medical marijuana. As veterans in many states benefit from the therapeutic potential of medical marijuana, researchers and those in the medical field have been asking the question: could medical marijuana help veterans?

The answer appears to be a resounding yes. Research has shown that medical marijuana can help veterans manage severe symptoms associated with PTSD, chronic pain, and sleeplessness. Marijuana has also been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, both of which dramatically increase the risk of suicide among veterans. And these are just a few of the potential benefits that marijuana offers veterans who have been struggling.

4. Will Congress Force VA To Take Action?

As the country heads into Veterans Day, Congress is cracking down on the Department of Veterans Affairs to take action to improve veterans healthcare—rapidly. There is a lot of concern that older vets, in particular, are not being offered the standard of care they deserve. The VA has developed many initiatives over the years, including programs to try to reduce wait times and offer more options for care. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives have seen limited success, resulting in veterans being put on ever-lengthening wait lists for care.

While Congress has extended deadlines for the VA to reform, some members of the House and Senate have gone even further, introducing a number of bills with the goal of forcing the VA to take direct action. These bills mainly focus on increasing the quality and speed of care, giving veterans more options, and ensuring funding to the appropriate departments. If any of these bills were to pass, it would put significant pressure on the VA to deliver real results for veterans in need of healthcare.

At the end of the day, the Legislature’s withdrawal on this issue has left a gaping wound for those who have served our country in the armed forces and come home with health issues and ailments. With the current evidence at hand, Congress should take a closer look at using medical marijuana for the benefit of our veterans. Only then can they truly appreciate the value of our veterans and the dedication they have made to selflessly serve our nation.


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