cbd store opens second location at atlanta airport

CBD store opens second location at Atlanta airport

CBD fans arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport can now pick up their favorite products almost as soon as they arrive – with the opening of a brand-new store dedicated entirely to CBD products. Located in the heart of the airport, this second store provides passengers with an even more convenient way to shop for CBD across the busy concourse.

1. A Friendly “High” over Atlanta’s Airspace: CBD Store Opens Second Location

Atlanters, listen up! You won’t need to search high and low for safe and natural remedies anymore. While this new location isn’t the first one of its kind to launch in the city, there’s certainly reason to be excited. The store is a CBD store that’s dedicated to carrying a wide variety of top-notch cannabidiol products.

This store provides the ultimate experience in natural wellness. From edibles to elixirs, you’ll find a long list of products to choose from. And the fact that they’ve opened a second location suggests that the demand is on the rise, and people are picking up what the store has to offer.

Here are some of the most popular items customers can find:

  • CBD edibles
  • Pure-grade tinctures
  • Vaporizers
  • Capsules
  • Topical creams

The store also offers a few services, including home testing and consultation. You can relax knowing that every purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you a premium-quality product.

2. Flying High in Hartsfield-Jackson: Convenient Access to CBD Products at the Airport

Travelling Through The Big Peach Just Got Easier.
If you are a frequent traveller through the Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson airport, you will be pleased to hear that CBD-infused products are now available for purchase throughout the airport. Shopping for CBD medical treatments for chronic pain, inflammation, or other health concerns can now become part of your journey. Here are a few details on the range of products and shopping fun you can expect:

  • From tinctures to topicals, soaps, and edibles, you can find a variety of CBD products sourced from organic hemp plants.
  • You can even find premium CBD oils from some of the top-shelf brands.
  • Almost all the purchases are able to be made online, even in-flight, if you know which retailers you are looking for.

No more waiting until you get off the plane to pick up the products that you need: you can find it all while travelling through the airport. Navigating the concourses and terminals needn’t be anything more than a delightful experience when you’ve purchased some of the CBD goodies available.
No matter the purpose, browsing and shopping for the best CBD products has never been more convenient – now that they are available at Hartsfield-Jackson.

3. Taking Care of Mind and Body Marijuana-Free: CBD at Atlanta’s Gateway to the Sky

Bespoke CBD Experiences
Whether you’re in Atlanta temporarily or live here, there’s a ground-breaking marijuana-free CBD wellness experience just waiting for you. Gateway to the Sky offers an entrancing sensory journey that is a guaranteed way to nourish your mind and body. From cycling and yoga therapy to meditation and mindful cooking, you can choose your own CBD-infused bespoke wellness journey.
Combine it with a delicious CBD-infused cuisine and you’re in for an incomparable multisensory experience. Create an individual wellness package for yourself or a special group and embark on a journey to total wellbeing and relaxation.

  • Exotic Massage with CBD Infused Oil
  • Savasana Brunch with Seasonal Locally-Sourced Produce
  • Smoothie Making Class
  • Infrared Sauna & Jacuzzi Meditation

Breathing Space to Relax and Rejuvenate
You can start your Atlanta CBD holiday with a refreshing cycle through some of the city’s iconic locations. Transform your experience with soothing CBD-infused treatments over a gentle yoga session, or simply sit back and relax in the lounge area with freshly prepared, exquisite dishes. Whatever you choose, the Gateway to the Sky provides the perfect breathing space for you to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Berries & Bananas CBD Smoothie
  • Yoga in the Blue Room
  • Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

4. Experiencing Convenience & Well-Being at 30,000 Feet: Receive Comfort and Relief at the Airport CBD Store

No More Bite-Sized Snacks or Overpriced books!

Imagine being able to find all of your last-minute needs in one convenient place, that’s what Airport CBD Store is all about. From toiletries to gents and ladies, ther e is a range of product available. Now, you don’t have to worry about scouring the airport in search of what you need – the Airport CBD Store has you covered.

Their range of offerings include everyday items such as skin/lip care, health products like pain relief sprays, and snacks like chips and chocolates. Even if you need stationery supplies, they have got it covered. And for those looking for a little bit of relaxation before their flight, they also offer sleep-aid products. Get your pre-flight pampering fix here and get ready to board with ease.

For those on the go and in need of a little CBD pick-me-up, Atlanta’s airport shows that the journey doesn’t have to lack comfort and relaxation. Stepping into the new Canna-Haus will provide travelers with a safe and dependable experience, and the peace of mind that they can pick up a quality CBD product when they need it.





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