Cannabis MSO Greenlight acquires assets in NV & WV, pays dividend

Cannabis MSO Greenlight acquires assets in NV & WV, pays dividend

Greenlight’s move to acquire assets in Nevada and West Virginia has sent shockwaves through the cannabis industry, proving the company’s ability to bridge the gap between medical and recreational cannabis. Claiming a foothold in two states, Greenlight has elected to pay a dividend to shareholders in what is surely an indication of the success of their venture. This marks an important moment in the cannabis stock market that can only be seen as beneficial to Greenlight and its enthusiasts.

1. Greenlight Acquisition Lights Pathway to Expansion

With the acquisition of Greenlight, one of the leading software providers in the industry, the company now has the means to expand into the global market. Our innovative cloud-based platform now offers a comprehensive suite of tools for all our international customers. This gives us the competitive edge we need to stay ahead in the game.

Armed with a suite of powerful features, Greenlight opens up a host of opportunities for our enterprise customers. Our clients now have the ability to:

  • Rapidly deploy applications and services on a worldwide scale
  • Scale up their operations with world class cloud technology
  • Mitigate risk and secure their data across multiple locations

With a more robust infrastructure in place, we can now meet the demands of our customers without compromising on security and reliability. The Greenlight acquisition signals a major milestone in our business strategy and we are confident that this will enable us to explore new avenues for growth.

2. Taking Over the Cannabis Market in Nevada and West Virginia

With 20 states now offering legal cannabis, there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses to get into the market. Of the many states that have legalized cannabis, Nevada and West Virginia stand out as two of the most promising.

In Nevada, the recreational Cannabis market has been around since 2017, giving businesses in the state a jump-start on the competition. This is great news for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to make a mark in the cannabis market. Opportunities abound in Nevada, from retail dispensaries to cultivators, business founders can find the perfect setting for their venture. Meanwhile, West Virginia is just getting started, with its rec market launching in 2021. This gives business founders the unique opportunity to build from the ground up, and with the help of experienced cannabis professionals, they can create a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

  • Nevada: Retail dispensaries, cultivators, and more
  • West Virginia: Fresh opportunities to build from the ground up

3. Investing In Growth for Dividend-bearing Investors

Growth in Equity

If you’re a dividend-bearing investor, investing in growth is essential. Understanding the nature of your investments can help you make decisions that maximize long-term returns. Dividend stocks are attracted to companies that have shown an ability to increase their dividends each year, so look for companies that have the resources, the stability and the compatible vision to endure. Investing in a company that’s not just paying dividends, but also increasing them, can create exciting equity gains over time.

Additionally, consider investing in small-cap companies with great potential for exponential growth. These are typically companies with dynamic visions that may not yet have the resources to pay large dividends, but that are well-positioned to eventually pay out large dividends in the future. Because of the initial financial risk that comes with this type of venture, you need to do your research and select only those companies you’re confident will thrive. Investing in these undervalued opportunities can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

4. Unlocking the Benefits of Regional Cannabis Dominance

As the cannabis industry continues to expand and mature, several regions are rising to lead the pack in becoming the powerhouses of the market. With this newfound dominance, these regions offer a variety of advantages to those looking to join in the wave of progress.

As a cannabis business, branching out into a region with cannabis dominance can open up new doors of opportunity. From financial benefits stemming from increased taxes and funds to improved access to manufacturers and distributors, the advantages of joining a region with a thriving cannabis sector are vast. Additionally, these regions are pioneering major improvements in policies surrounding intellectual property, such as patented strains, which provide brands and growers with ownership over their own creations.

  • Enhanced access to resources such as manufacturers and distributors
  • Elevated financial prospects due to tax regulations and financial funds
  • Advancements in intellectual property regulations for growers and brands

Greenlight’s recent move into these two new states is certainly a welcomed one, since it signals an ever-growing demand for the company’s high quality Cannabis products. With their expansion into Nevada and West Virginia, Greenlight is on the fast-track to becoming one of the leading MSOs in the Cannabis market. And with their latest dividend payment, investors are clearly in support of their continued success. Greenlight has proven they are ready, willing, and able to take on the challenge of becoming an industry leader!





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