bill gates tells seth rogen he smoked marijuana in high school to be cool

Bill Gates Tells Seth Rogen He Smoked Marijuana In High School ‘To Be Cool’

On a recent interview with Seth Rogen aired on The Late Show with Seth Meyers, Microsoft founder Bill Gates admitted that he once smoked marijuana in high school … just ‘to be cool’. Who would have thought! Who knew that one of the world’s most famous billionaires had gone through the same rebellious teenage struggles that many of us can relate to? Gates’ interview on the show has certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst viewers!

1. Bill Gates Shares Insightful Story on Marijuana Use

In a recent address given to students at Cornell University, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates went off the beaten path and shared an insightful story related to marijuana use.

Gates recalled how, during a visit to Portugal some years ago, an economist had made the case about how the country’s decriminalization of marijuana had been beneficial to the nation. “I thought to myself, this is a finely structured argument,” said Gates. “It was a smart, useful point of view, but it was the first time I had considered the topic in that way.”

Gates highlighted the following points about marijuana use:

  • It can have negative consequences if it is abused.
  • It is important to understand the medicinal benefits marijuana can offer.
  • The current laws should be reformed to keep citizens safe.
  • The overall attitude towards marijuana must be balanced and research-based.

Gates ended his story with this thought: “Portugal is an outlier for sure, but the results to date have been very positive. Laws will change to reflect new understanding, and it is our responsibility to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.”

2. Bill Gates Reveals He Smoked Weed In High School ‘To Be Cool’

In an oral history interview, Bill Gates revealed that he smoked pot in High School, driven by a desire to fit in. After his time at Harvard, Gates was interviewed for the book ‘Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates’, speaking of his time at Lakeside School in Seattle. In this interview, Gates discusses that him and his friend, Paul Allen, experimenting with marijuana, saying “We were curious and it was a sign we were living in a different world than our parents.”

The tech mogul went on to say that the experience wasn’t one he particularly enjoyed: “It was sort of: ‘Hey, I’m doing it. Look, I’m now a part of the universe of the kinds of people who do this.’ That was the kind of thing.”

So, it appears his decision to smoke weed was driven by a desire to fit in, rather than personal interest. Gates can now rest easy, knowing he has made quite the shift in the following years, from the underworld of teenage pot smokers to the influential and illustrious Hall of Fame and One of the Richest Man in the World.

  • Bill Gates smoked weed in High School to fit in.
  • He admits he did not enjoy the experience.
  • Since then, he has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest men in the world.

3. Seth Rogen Has Lively Interview with Bill Gates

Recently, comedic actor Seth Rogen had the chance to sit down with Microsoft founder Bill Gates in an unusual interview.

The conversation between the two touched on a variety of topics, ranging from Gates’ famous philanthropic initiatives to theories on how the world could solve the daunting issue of climate change. Questions were asked about Gates’ favorite books, the technologies that excite him, and the idea of balancing career and family aspirations. To break up the intense intellectual discourse, Rogen even threw in lighthearted inquiries such as what computer programming language Gates would recommend learning for the aspiring student.

The atmosphere was filled with both laughter and smart banter, making it a delightful exchange. Here are the highlights from the conversation between Seth Rogen and Bill Gates:

  • Philanthropy: Rogen asked about Gates’ approach to charitable donations. The billionaire’s response was that philanthropy should be seen as an investment in every sense of the word, and that it should be a valuable tool for progress.
  • Climate Change: Gates detailed his hopes for a revolution in the clean energy industry and how governments should be engaging in massive investments in green technology. He believes that the global goal should be to achieve zero emissions and net-zero carbon dioxide levels by 2050.
  • Books: Gates recommended two books that anyone interested in the development of technology should read, namely “The Innovators” and “Energy and Civilization: A History”.

It was an entertaining and informative discussion between two of the brightest minds of our time. Gates’ optimism in the face of some of the planet’s biggest problems served to remind us all that incredible change can be achieved if we approach every challenge with passion and dedication.

4. Bill Gates Shares Experience With Former Schoolmate

This past year, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates celebrated his 40th anniversary of schooling and friendship with his former schoolmate and co-founder Paul Allen. During the Grey Day event at their former school, Lakeside School Gates shared his experience of attending school with Allen for 4 years.

  • Lessons in Leadership: Gates shared his admiration for his former schoolmate, noting how he was a born leader with charisma and foresight. Gates said that even though Allen was younger than him, he always had a vision and was extremely confident in his abilities.
  • Life Goals: It was during their high school days that Gates and Allen decided to write their first software project. The ambition, drive and dedication for the project revealed that they had ambitions above what was considered ideal or socially accepted at the time.

Gates’s tale of his school days with Allen serves as an inspiration to many current students. It was a reminder of the importance of seizing opportunities and having long-term goals, regardless of their age or social standing. Gates also shared the lessons he learned from Allen, many of which have helped shape Microsoft’s success in technology.

Bill Gates admitted that he used marijuana, but his alleged action was not a rebellious act, but was done to fit in and find his place in the world. It is a reminder that, despite his grand success, he is a person who began with humble beginnings, striving to not only to excel, but also, to blend in. It is stories such as these that create the man we know and admire today.





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