Bedrocan owes profit to its focus on medical cannabis: Q&A with founder Tjalling Erkelens

Bedrocan owes profit to its focus on medical cannabis: Q&A with founder Tjalling Erkelens

For the past two decades, cannabis has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It’s not just a recreational craze anymore. Increasingly, medical cannabis is being used for both medical and recreational purposes — providing a much needed alternative to traditional medicine. Bedrocan is one of the companies at the cutting edge of this new market, thanks to its focus on medical cannabis. In this in-depth Q&A with Bedrocan’s founder, Tjalling Erkelens, he reveals how his company has flourished and what the future holds for Bedrocan and the industry.

1. What Makes Bedrocan a Success: An Interview with Founder Tjalling Erkelens

Bedrocan, the global producer and distributor of medical grade cannabis, has been a huge success since its founding over 15 years ago. What is the secret to the company’s success? We asked none other than its founder, Tjalling Erkelens, to share his thoughts.

Tjalling began by citing the importance of remaining grounded in the organization’s roots. He believes that Bedrocan stands for world-class quality standards that are based on a strong ethical framework, transparency, and the company’s focus on the wellbeing of medical cannabis users. He also highlighted the team’s commitment to innovation. “We do not stand still. As a company it is our obligation to stay open to science, technology, and social developments.”

Tjalling then discussed the team’s commitment to customer satisfaction. He said, “We focus heavily on customer experience and continuously evaluate our products and services to make sure they are up to date with changing needs and expectations.” He spoke about the importance of having an empowered team of professionals that share a passion for the company’s mission. “It’s crucial for our teams to feel secure and fully committed to the company’s aspirations. Only that way can they truly create innovation.”

2. Profiting from Medical Cannabis: How Bedrocan Is Changing the Industry

Bedrocan is a Canadian-based company and the world’s leading supplier of medical cannabis. It has been providing high quality medicinal products since 2009 and continues to offer innovative products. The company has developed a production system that complies with all safety, quality and legal requirements.

Its philosophy is to develop safe, reliable and accessible products to help patients gain relief from their pain or other symptoms. Patients have access to a wide range of products, direct from Bedrocan, to suit their needs. From standard medical cannabis to advanced inhalable delivery systems, Bedrocan caters to many different consumer needs. It is the first to offer a wide range of medical cannabis products in different delivery formats.

Its impact on the industry has been significant. Over the years, Bedrocan has made huge strides in helping to make medical cannabis more accessible and safe. Here are some of the great ways Bedrocan is changing the industry:

  • Education and Research: Bedrocan actively promotes education and research on medical cannabis and offers its cannabis products and expertise to research institutions and academic institutions.
  • Quality Control: Bedrocan has implemented robust quality control processes to ensure that its products are safe and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Consistent Sourcing: Bedrocan has a reliable and consistent source of medical-grade cannabis.

By taking such steps, Bedrocan is helping to make medical cannabis a viable treatment option for many patients. It is also helping to pave the way for a more reliable, safe and cost-effective market for medical cannabis.

3. Exploring the Potential of Medical Cannabis with Founder Tjalling Erkelens

Tjalling Erkelens, founder of Medical Cannabis Evaluation Centers (MCEC), believes that medical marijuana could be one of the most powerful medications available. His mission is to provide safe and effective relief to people suffering from chronic and severe pain. With a background in pharmaceuticals, Erkelens is bringing his expertise to the medical cannabis industry.

Erkelens’ approach to medical cannabis is to use cannabinoids and terpenes to enhance the relief and treat patients holistically. He believes this is the best way to maximize the potential of medical cannabis. As a researcher, Erkelens has developed a number of effective treatments for serious ailments:

  • Reversing the effects of traumatic brain injury
  • Decreasing inflammation and pain
  • Reducing seizures in pediatric patients
  • Improving quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses

The MCEC team is dedicated to expanding the understanding of medical cannabis with evidence-based research. They strive to bring awareness and focus attention to the potential of medical cannabis as a viable treatment option.

4. Making Room for Innovative Medical Cannabis Products with Bedrocan

As the medical cannabis market continues to grow, more and more companies are looking to innovate in the space. One of the more interesting new companies is Bedrocan, which is looking to provide a way for patients to access high-quality, affordable medicine.

Bedrocan offers patients a range of different products, ranging from pre-filled cannabis syringes to edible tinctures. They also offer a variety of dosage forms, so patients can choose the ideal product for their needs. What’s more, Bedrocan takes extra measures to ensure the safety and quality of their products, like using only organic ingredients and testing all of their products in accredited laboratories. Essentially, they provide a reliable source of medication for patients without the stress associated with other medical cannabis products.

  • Bedrocan offers a range of different products.
  • Their products are high-quality and affordable.
  • They use organic ingredients in their products.
  • All products are tested in accredited laboratories.

As one of the leading providers of medical cannabis, Bedrocan owes much of its success to its unwavering commitment to improving the lives of its users. With founder Tjalling Erkelens at the helm, we can be confident that Bedrocan will continue to strive to provide reliable, quality products for those in need.





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