anti marijuana ted cruz swigs beer to protest possible lowering of u s alcohol consumption guidelines kiss my ass

Anti-Marijuana Ted Cruz Swigs Beer To Protest Possible Lowering Of U.S. Alcohol-Consumption Guidelines: ‘Kiss My Ass’

Right after Ted Cruz swore off marijuana for life, he was seen swigging a beer – all in the name of protesting the U.S. government’s possible lowering of their drinking guidelines. It seemed like a strange move for the notoriously staunch Republican candidate, but it definitely makes one wonder: what is Ted Cruz trying to prove?

1. Ted Cruz Swigs Beer To Protest Lowering of U.S. Alcohol Guidelines: ‘Kiss My Ass’

Texan senator Ted Cruz recently made a bold – and slightly hilarious – statement about the recent lowering of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. During a speech in Austin, Cruz said “these guys are trying to take away our beer and I ain’t goin’ for it. Kiss my ass!”. His response was followed by a swig straight from a can of Lone Star Beer and much applause from the audience.

The Dietary Guidelines have been lowered from ruling that one should consume no more than two drinks per day, to one drink per day. Cruz argued that this would have a massively negative impact on the beer industry in Texas. He continued on to mention that adults should be able to make their own decisions about their dietary intake and that the government shouldn’t have the power to dictate their lifestyle.

  • The Guidelines: The Dietary Guidelines have been lowered from two drinks to one.
  • Cruz’s Response: Ted Cruz fired back with swigging a can of Lone Star Beer.
  • Opposing stance: Cruz argued that the government shouldn’t have the power to dictate one’s diet.

2. The Controversy Behind Ted Cruz’s Alcohol Stir

There has been considerable controversy involving US Senator Ted Cruz and his now-infamous alcohol stir. In early 2021, US Senators Cruz and Hawley, along with their companions, were seen mixing drinks at a DC bar. Many people were outraged by this display, as the two senators were responsible for supporting the previous President’s objections to the election results.

Critics accuse both senators of insensitivity and recklessness, especially due to the fact that many had just lost loved ones due to the pandemic. The Incident has called into question the judgement of both politicians and their stance on important issues. Even after the outcry, Cruz has continued to defend the Incident, saying that he and his associates had broken no rules.

  • Many people are offended by what happened
  • It has caused a stir in the US Congress
  • The opinions of both senators have been called into question
  • Cruz has defended his actions

3. The Potential Impact of Lowering U.S. Alcohol Guidelines

The recent proposal by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to lower the guidelines for acceptable levels of alcohol consumption has sparked a heated debate among experts. While cutting down on the amount of alcohol one drinks can have health benefits, the potential impact of redefining the guidelines could extend well beyond physical health.

The social impacts of the new guidelines are a major factor to consider. Reducing the amount of alcohol an adult consumes could have an overall benefit on social order, safety, and economic productivity. Fewer drunk drivers and less alcohol-related violence could lead to fewer accidents and law enforcement resources could be spent elsewhere. Also, individuals who are able to focus on reaching their professional and personal goals instead of giving their money to alcohol could potentially achieve more. In a broader sense, these improvements could have lasting and positive impacts on entire communities.

4. Finally, How We Might Combat Anti-Marijuana Ted Cruz

Now that we’ve seen the dangers of anti-marijuana Ted Cruz, how can we combat his anti-cannabis crusade? Here are a few ideas to get us started:

  • Educate: Arm yourself with the facts, and share your knowledge. Educate family, friends, and decision makers on the benefits and risks of legalization.
  • Organize: Get involved in your state’s cannabis movement. Join in with local events, donations, or write letters to elected government officials about why cannabis should be legalized.

Take the chance to team up with like-minded groups and connect with industry leaders. Not only can activists directly challenge pro-cannabis organizations, they can also bring awareness to important issues surrounding legalization.

  • Advocate: Any movement needs champions, so be one. With Ted Cruz and other senators strongly opposing cannabis, make sure to voice your support for the issue whenever and wherever you can. Share stories, news articles, and testimonies on the wonders of legalization.
  • Donate: Support cannabis organizations and companies that are working hard to end the stigma associated with cannabis.

And there you have it! Whether you agree with Ted Cruz’s position on marijuana or not, there is no denying that he certainly made his opinion heard with his daring response to the looming alcohol-consumption guidelines. As usual, it seems that the Texas Senator knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it: “Kiss my ass.


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