Activists In Another Texas City Kick Off Effort To Decriminalize Marijuana, With Signature Gathering Underway In Lubbock

Activists In Another Texas City Kick Off Effort To Decriminalize Marijuana, With Signature Gathering Underway In Lubbock

As the momentum for decriminalizing marijuana continues to build in Texas, activists in the West Texas city of Lubbock are now joining the fight. With the beginnings of a signature gathering campaign underway, organized by local advocacy groups, Lubbock is paving the way to becoming the most recent Texas city to decriminalize marijuana.

1. Cannabis Movement Gains Momentum: Lubbock Activists Take the Lead

The people of Lubbock, Texas have been at the forefront of the cannabis movement. Each year more and more passionate activists join the effort to normalize marijuana usage and regulate its sale.

The city is home to numerous advocacy groups, each with their own unique mission. Here are some of the most prominent:

  • Red and White What: An grassroots organization that supports and encourages education, research and activism around cannabis.
  • Lubbock NORML: Focused on reforming state and federal marijuana laws to ensure its safe and legal use.
  • Weed Activists: A company that helps educate the public about the use of marijuana and place assets in the hands of those fighting for its decriminalization.
  • Texas Cannabis Network: An organization committed to aiding cannabis activists and patients in educating and pushing forward the cannabis movement.

These passionate activists are slowly but surely making progress in transforming the perception of cannabis in the US and across the world. They lead the way by constantly engaging with their local government and health experts and demonstrating the immense health benefits of this drug. The people of Lubbock are truly making a difference in the fight for the legalization of marijuana.

2. Making History: Proposed Marijuana Reform Could be Game-Changing

When it comes to marijuana reform, lawmakers recently suggested a game-changing proposal. If it goes through, the effects of marijuana reform and legalization could revolutionize the country’s stance on the drug.

The proposed legislation seeks to eliminate federal criminal penalties for anyone in possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. It also seeks to allow states to make the decision of legalized marijuana up to their respective governments. This means rounded state legislation would control the regulation and taxation of it.

  • Lawmakers have proposed a game-changing reform in approval of marijuana.
  • The Proposal seeks to eliminate federally criminal convictions for anyone in possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and allow states to decide on legalization and regulation.

3. Toward a Future of Equity: Local Advocates Rally the Troops

A Grassroots Change
The past year has demonstrated the need for a movement to create equity on a localized level for marginalized communities. From nationwide protests to local organizing, citizens around the world are taking the initiative to rally the troops for a more equitable future. “Local advocates – often overlooked as a driving force behind our progress – are key to meaningful change,” says community organizer, Alexander Lopez.

For many, equity is deeply connected to the economic conditions and access to opportunity for cities’ underserved populations. This includes addressing the “day-to-day then and now” clarion calls from divided communities. Unsung heroes such as organizers, volunteers and activists have been working diligently to bring equity to the forefront of public attention.

A New Narrative
Local advocates are successfully telling a new story – one about sharing the power with current influence holders and amplifying diverse voices. They are showing what it means to act boldly in pursuit of equity.

Leaders are utilizing collective work and march forward on long-held goals to create an equitable future. Through advocating for team effort and local collaboration, the collaboration draws attention to the possibility of creating a world of change.

People are uniting in real, tangible ways to cooperate and find equity for all. Through equity, advocates are creating new platforms to share ideas, discuss concerns, and influence decisions. These centers provide powerful representation and opportunity for discussion and decision-making on issues that matter.

4. Putting Texas on the Right Path: Laws Stand to be Reformed in the Lone Star State

As the current year ends and a new one begins, it is more important than ever for Texas to stay on the path of progress by reforming current laws. From criminal justice to education and healthcare, to name a few, there are many areas where reform is needed. Here are some of the ways Texas is on the right track for 2020 and beyond.

  • Criminal Justice: Texas legislators have recently passed bills that will reduce sentences for certain non-violent offenses like possession of marijuana. These will lead to fewer people being incarcerated and greater access to rehabilitation and vocational training programs. Moving forward, it’s important to look at further reforms such as eliminating mandatory minimum sentences and exploring alternatives to incarceration.
  • Education: In Texas, educational opportunities have historically been lacking, especially in poorer, rural school districts. 2020 should be the year when Texas finally closes this gap and makes sure that every student has access to high-quality education. This could involve increased funding for these districts, expanding access to pre-K programs, and ensuring that there are plenty of resources available for these students.
  • Healthcare: Texas has long been behind when it comes to healthcare access and affordability. This year, legislators should prioritize finding innovative solutions that ensure all Texans have access to quality and affordable healthcare, regardless of where they live or how much money they earn. This could involve expanding Medicaid and creating more funding for community health centers.

Reforming the laws of Texas is essential for the Lone Star State to continue its forward progress as we move into 2020. It’s important to explore all areas of the law and be willing to make necessary changes in order to benefit all citizens and create a brighter future for Texas.

As city activists gather signatures in Lubbock to decriminalize marijuana, one thing is clear; the conversation about marijuana reform is far from over in the Lone Star State. This campaign marks yet another milestone in the region’s sweeping progress towards a more equitable, and progressive, society, and Texans everywhere are applauding this important step forward.


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