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Canadian company seeks to be the Starbucks of American marijuana

Golden Leaf Holdings is taking the first step to becoming the Starbucks or McDonald’s of weed, even though marijuana remains illegal across much of the U.S. The cannabis company has opened a chain of marijuana stores in Oregon called Chalice

Delaware marijuana legalization panel holds chaotic meeting, votes to release final report

Published: Mar 14, 2018, 5:05 pm • Updated: Mar 14, 2018, 5:05 pm By Randall Chase, Associated Press DOVER, Del. — A task force studying issues surrounding marijuana legalization in Delaware voted to release its final report Wednesday in a

Nation’s first social marijuana use license approved by Denver regulators

Published: Feb 26, 2018, 5:38 pm • Updated: Feb 26, 2018, 5:43 pm By The Cannabist Staff A Denver coffee shop received city approval Monday for the nation’s first business license to allow marijuana use by patrons, The Denver Post’s

New Pew poll: Support for marijuana legalization inches up among Americans

Published: Jan 8, 2018, 5:50 pm • Updated: Jan 8, 2018, 5:51 pm By Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist Staff Marijuana legalization continues to be viewed more favorably by Americans, buoyed by substantial support from younger adults, according to the latest

Cannabis investors form ‘blank check’ company, file for $50M IPO

Published: Dec 8, 2017, 2:37 pm • Updated: Dec 8, 2017, 2:37 pm By Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist Staff A “blank check” company focused on acquiring ancillary businesses to the cannabis industry has filed registration documents for a future $50

On-demand cannabis: California becoming hot spot for weed delivery, e-commerce

Published: Sep 14, 2017, 3:09 pm • Updated: Sep 16, 2017, 10:14 am By Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist Staff Eaze’s e-commerce platform is meant to feel familiar. Scrolling horizontally and vertically through product pictures is practically Netflixian. Refining results with

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