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6 Stoner Essentials for the Summer of 2017

By Leah Maurer Summer! Yay! One of my favorite times of year to enjoy weed outdoors with my friends. I am not sure what I love the most…the backyard barbecues, the festivals, the street fairs, the outdoor concerts, the hiking,

New Jersey Legalization Proposal Should Include Social Justice Revisions

By Leah Maurer There was a hearing yesterday in the New Jersey State Legislature for SB (Senate Bill) 3195, which would legalize small amounts of marijuana for adults 21 and older. This Bill is sponsored by Senator Nicholas Scutari (D-Union).

Product Designer Goes from Mainstream Consulting to Cannabis Storage

By TWB When product designer Ed Kilduff’s Kickstarter campaign earned him ninety thousand dollars, he asked his supporters what they used the product for. “After coffee and tea, the most popular use was for weed,” says Kilduff. His invention, EVAK—the

Cannabis Season Week 8: Events and Dispensary Touring Continues

By RedHat Ralph Cannabis Season – Week 8 This week includes the Veterans BBQ on Sunday and the Memorial Day Sesh on Monday, both being held at the NW Cannabis Club. On Friday Ms. Jeni Wren is performing at Barrio

The Lowdown on Nevada’s New Marijuana Laws

By Leah Maurer Nevada is nearing the expected July 1st start date for it’s newly passed recreational/adult-use marijuana program and regulations. Seemingly, cannabis advocates and consumers walked away from this year’s legislative session with more ups than downs, despite the

New Hampshire Decriminalization Law Awaits Governor’s Signature

By Leah Maurer We have been following the proposed cannabis legislation in New Hampshire’s state Congress closely this session, and we are so glad that the decriminalization measure has passed through both the House and Senate! Now, we await the

Family in Mexico Wins the Right to Import CBD for Medical Use

By Leah Maurer As Mexico approaches full legalization of medical cannabis and research, one company has been a driving force. HempMeds Mexico helped tell the story of Raul Elizalde and his 11-year-old daughter Grace: A family in Mexico wins the

Will Medical Cannabis End the Opioid Epidemic in the U.S.?

By Jennifer Landis The amount of deaths caused every year by opioid overdoses could be prevented with the use of medical cannabis. This is a topic that The Weed Blog has been covering frequently as of late, as you can

Minnesota Marijuana Policy Update

By Leah Maurer In our previous article about potential legalization of marijuana in Minnesota, we mentioned that there were a few bills regarding marijuana policy that had been introduced to the State Legislature this session. One of these bills is

Ralph’s Portland Dispensary Tour and Cannabis Event Season Continues

By RedHat Ralph Cannabis Season – Week 7 This week includes Serra’s (Belmont) 1-year anniversary, The Weed Blog’s sponsored happy hour at Cravedog (North Tillamook), and the beginnings of Memorial Day weekend. I also continue with my Dispensary Tour, this

Making the Switch From Medical to Recreational for the Cannabis Industry

By Moe Afaneh In the next several months, the industry is expecting to welcome two additional recreational cannabis markets, both of which have had operating medicinal cannabis programs for a number of years. Nevada is expected to launch a temporary

What You Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

By TWB What You Need To Know About Opening a Cannabis Dispensary Nearly sixty percent of the North American population lives in an area where marijuana is legal to some degree, with a third of those enjoying legal recreational use.

California Cannabis Labeling Requirements Under Prop 65

By TWB In states with recreational and medical cannabis, it’s required to label cannabis and cannabis-related products with lists of ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals used in the grow or extraction processes & sometimes during testing. California cannabis labeling requirements are

25 miles in Week 6: Ralph’s Cannabis Events and Dispensary Stops

By RedHat Ralph Cannabis Season Week 6 was a good one! This week includes my appointment at Hanger Clinic regarding my custom molded orthotics and the Cannabis Industry meet up at Prism House. I also continue with my Dispensary Tour,

Illuminati Glass: Functional Glass Elevated to the Highest Level

By TWB Illuminati Glass Water Pipes: Functional Glass Elevated to the Highest Level American minimalist artist Carl Andre once said, “Art is an intersection of many human needs.” Illuminati Glass has found a way to combine many human needs into

What Do Legalized Marijuana Laws Mean for HR Professionals?

By TWB As more states legalize cannabis with either medical or adult-use/recreational laws, the topic of cannabis use in the workplace is increasingly more timely. What do legalized marijuana laws mean for HR professionals? We recently posted an article about

CURE Pharmaceutical and CannaKids Announce Collaboration

By Leah Maurer The Weed Blog has reported news from CannaKids and Saving Sophie in the past, and we are hugely supportive of their efforts. We feel that organizations such as these will be a big piece of what helps

Marijuana Decriminalization Policy Implementation Begins in Israel

By TWB The Weed Blog has done a fair amount of coverage of the cannabis policy and research that is happening over in Israel. In fact, just a couple months ago, marijuana law reform activists even took to the streets