No on Amendment X: Keep hemp legal and constitutional

Sure sounds like routine fine-tuning; Amendment X would “change the industrial hemp definition from constitutional to statutory.”

Problem is, we have a constitution because we don’t trust politicians to pass statutes protecting our rights. How about this, for example? Let’s transform the right to freedom of speech from “constitutional to statutory,” so we let the politicians decide what speech is legal, and what isn’t. So if your team is in charge, you can shut up your enemies. Until the other team is in charge, then you’re silenced. If you read a newspaper, it’s doubtful you’d buy that bill of goods. Constitutional rights are protected from the politics of the day, and Amendment 64 is locked into the Colorado Constitution to protect and legalize industrial hemp.

Amendment X misleads voters into giving people less power, and politicians more power, by gutting Colorado’s Constitutional protection and legalization of “industrial hemp,” currently secure as 0.3 percent THC (marijuana’s active ingredient).

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