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What is the Best Way to Do Dabs? A Little Dab Will Do!

By Taylor Walker What is the Best Way to Do Dabs? Dabbing is the common terms for smoking or vaping concentrated cannabis. While it has been around for nearly a decade, there are still some uncertainties as to how to

For Those Who Want to Lead Find Some Weed

By Chris Fisher For Those Who Want to Lead, Find Some Weed Looking at the world around me right now I have noticed, as I am sure many of you have, that people are angry. Just so happens there is

Many Americans use Cannabis for Chronic Pain Because it is Better than Opioids

By TWB CANNABIS FOR CHRONIC PAIN Currently, 1/3 America suffers from chronic pain, defined as pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks. It commonly coincides alongside secondary symptoms and conditions, from trouble sleeping to a weakened immune system to anxiety

Tips for Successfully Growing Marijuana Indoors

By TWB Tips for Successfully Growing Marijuana Indoors Whether or not you have a green thumb, growing marijuana can be a challenge. If you want to grow your own indoor marijuana plant, you might encounter some trouble. These tips can

Marijuana Container Planting: A Primer

By Lucy Clark Marijuana Container Planting: A Primer Container planting is one of the most common methods of growing cannabis. Aside from convenience, container planting allows for better and much more thorough maintenance operations. This method has paved the way

In Defense of Philando Castile & Smoking Cannabis

By Marcus Harcus In Defense of Philando Castile & Smoking Cannabis For the rest of my life, I will remember the name of Philando Castile, a 32 year old African American man who was racially profiled, pulled over and hastily,

Which One is Better For Growing Cannabis Hydroponics or Soil?

By TWB Which One is Better For Growing Cannabis: Hydroponics or Soil? In the realm of cannabis cultivation, there is this one question that lingers on for all eternity: how should you grow your cannabis hydroponics or soil? And the

3 Deadly Pharmaceuticals that Could be Replaced by Marijuana

By Alex Milzer 3 Deadly Pharmaceuticals that Could Be Replaced by Marijuana 1. Opioid-Based Painkillers So why is Big Pharma investing millions of dollars every year in researching and creating its own marijuana-based pain killers? Because Big Pharma recognizes medicinal

5 Steps to Perfecting Grow Room Climate Control

By TWB Five steps to perfecting grow room climate control Many growers who are just starting to make the transition from hobbyist to a bigger setup don’t realize how quickly an entire crop can go bad. Or, while not quite

Shutting Down Marijuana Dispensaries Increases Crime Rate

By TWB Shutting Down of Marijuana Dispensaries Increases Crime Rate A History of Marijuana There has long been a link between marijuana and crime rates. Because there was always such a high demand and it is a drug with proven

Almost 30 Miles in One Week Touring Portland’s Pot Shops

By RedHat Ralph This week I walked almost 30 miles in one week touring Portland’s pot shops and attending the cannabis events in week 14. My trek includes Willamette Week’s Best of Portland Party as well as all of the

How to clean your bong

Published: Aug 10, 2017, 11:53 am • Updated: Dec 15, 2017, 12:05 pm By Vincent Chandler, The Cannabist Staff Want to taste that Colorado Loud, or Califonia Gold and only getting yesterday’s Purple Urkle? The Cannabist has a simple cleaning

Reconnect with Cannabis in Amsterdam- the Cannabis Capital

By Chris Fisher Cannabis Capital Do you want to be a better budtender? Then go to Amsterdam. Working in the industry in America with knowledge of the old world is priceless and it can be a good way to reconnect

Ohio Lawmaker Urges Rescheduling of Cannabis to Allow for Research

By TWB Ohio Lawmaker Urges Rescheduling of Cannabis When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its controlled substances scheduling or drug classifications in 1970, they intended to classify drugs based on their potential for abuse, their medical use, and

AG Sessions Newest Anti-Pot Threats are Just Hot Air

By TWB Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making it crystal clear that he’s not on the pot bandwagon with new letters to three adult-use states on how they plan on addressing what he called “serious issues” surrounding marijuana use. Sessions

Survey: 42% of CBD Users Use Less Pain Pills

By TWB There’s a new survey that shows CBD Users use less pain pills because of the positive effects of Cannabidiol , also known as CBD. The compound is another component found in the cannabis plant besides Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The

Alarming Rates of Toxins Found in California’s Illegal Pot Grows

By TWB The use of chemicals in illegal marijuana grows is rampant in states like California. It’s evident in the toxins left behind by the illegal fertilizers, pesticides, and butane. One investigation uncovered thousands of used butane cans used to

Weed For Vets Now Possible With New Amendment

By TWB U.S. veterans may finally have access to medical marijuana thanks to an amendment by the The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday which would allow weed for Vets and a process to obtain medical marijuana recommendations through the