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Swiss Grocer Now Carries Specialized Hemp Cigarettes

By Chloe Sommers Getting a buzz while looking out over the Swiss Alps just got easier thanks to a Swiss supermarket chain now selling ‘ special cigarettes ‘. In addition to tobacco, the pack contains CBD-rich hemp, which contains less

Massachusetts Gov. Signs Off on Pot Taxes and More

By TWB The Massachusetts House and Senate changed their state’s recreational marijuana laws outlining the details of how the state plans to rollout pot shops and tax cannabis sales. The biggest updates to the marijuana ballot law, which was already

Gentleman Toker on Chong’s Choice Cannabis and DC Weed

By TWB SHANGO made my list of Vegas dispensaries to check out since they were also a cultivation center (meaning they grow the flowers there, too, as well as perform extraction and make their own edibles), but when I saw

If You Want To Get Higher Take a Break from Cannabis

By TWB A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog regarding the differences between addiction and dependence. I published it on social media and received some negative comments. That is what people on social media like to do but it

Senators Renew Protections for Medical Marijuana

By TWB Great news for marijuana patients and entrepreneurs came down from the nation’s capital this week as the Senate Appropriations Committee voted for language in the federal budget to prevent the Department of Justice from meddling in matters of

Why Seniors Are Turning to Cannabis for Their Health Woes

By Jennifer Landis Why Seniors Are Turning to Cannabis for Their Health Woes More and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical applications every year, in spite of the fact that the federal government still classifies it as a Schedule

Smoke-Free Alternatives: A Breakdown of the Latest 2017 Cannabis Trends

By TWB Gone are the days when the benefits of cannabis could only be obtained through smoking flower. Today scientists have devised a myriad of ways to enjoy the medicinal value of cannabis, including nasal, sublingual and topical delivery methods.

Arkansas Warns MMJ Patients They Can’t Buy Guns

By TWB There’s a battle brewing in the state of Arkansas over the right to bear arms while having a medical marijuana card. The duel between state law versus the federal law of the land is not new, Illinois has

Jeff Sessions Sued in Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act

By Leah Maurer “Beleaguered” Attorney General Jeff Sessions was named a defendant today in a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act as it pertains to Cannabis/Marijuana. This comes on the heels of our post about Sessions

Redhat Ralph Week 12: Summer Cannabis Events and Dispensary Touring

By RedHat Ralph This week includes the Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet-up at Prism House on Tuesday, the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament on Thursday, and the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival from Friday, June 30 through Tuesday, July 4. In

Jeff Sessions’ Secret Weapon Against Weed

By TWB Most of us in the medical cannabis industry take for granted the protections against prosecution afforded by the 2004 Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment to the Federal Budget to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. These legal protections have been both wise and

Media Can’t Help But Blow Smoke About Cannabis

By TWB The way a media outlet frames a story is essential and can influence our understanding of it. Their version of a story can affect public opinion or generate awareness in a community. Historically they have been the ones

Latinx y Cannabis: Informando la Comunidad

By TWB We have posted about the Cannabis Cultural Association before and commend them for their hard work in cannabis law reform and in uniting activist groups, and they are doing it again with their next event, “Latinx y Cannabis:

Pruning Marijuana Plants

By Robert Bergman Pruning marijuana plants can be an excellent way to boost yields, especially when you’re doing everything else right. Pruning can be simple or complex, depending on which type you choose to do. Regardless, it’s crucial that you

High Labor Standards and Organic Integrity: Cannabis Certification Council

By Leah Maurer Ethical Cannabis Alliance and Organic Cannabis Association Announce Merger: Welcome the Cannabis Certification Council…Newly Re-Named Cannabis Certification Council Receives Legacy Funding Mandate to Ensure High Labor Standards and Organic integrity for Cannabis Produced and Sold in the

Chile Legalized Medical Marijuana but Home Cultivators Still Risk Being Criminalized

By Leah Maurer In 2015, Chile legalized medical marijuana and now residents of the country are increasingly growing cannabis for medical purposes as the nation begins to loosen prohibition during the implementation process. Advocates of the cannabis plant are working

Minority Female up for LA Cannabis Business Permit

By TWB A Minority Female CEO is among the final pool of applicants being considered for one of the coveted marijuana licenses in Los Angeles. If selected, Priscilla Vilchis would receive some of the first-ever cannabis business licenses in Los

New Documentary to Demystify Industrial Hemp

By Chloe Sommers The Hemp Road Trip is creating a feature length documentary focusing on industrial cannabis. While the plant is federally legal, the DEA, State and local law enforcement remain confused and arbitrarily interfere in domestic commerce, while citizens