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California Cannabis Labeling Requirements Under Prop 65

By TWB In states with recreational and medical cannabis, it’s required to label cannabis and cannabis-related products with lists of ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals used in the grow or extraction processes & sometimes during testing. California cannabis labeling requirements are

25 miles in Week 6: Ralph’s Cannabis Events and Dispensary Stops

By RedHat Ralph Cannabis Season Week 6 was a good one! This week includes my appointment at Hanger Clinic regarding my custom molded orthotics and the Cannabis Industry meet up at Prism House. I also continue with my Dispensary Tour,

Illuminati Glass: Functional Glass Elevated to the Highest Level

By TWB Illuminati Glass Water Pipes: Functional Glass Elevated to the Highest Level American minimalist artist Carl Andre once said, “Art is an intersection of many human needs.” Illuminati Glass has found a way to combine many human needs into

What Do Legalized Marijuana Laws Mean for HR Professionals?

By TWB As more states legalize cannabis with either medical or adult-use/recreational laws, the topic of cannabis use in the workplace is increasingly more timely. What do legalized marijuana laws mean for HR professionals? We recently posted an article about

CURE Pharmaceutical and CannaKids Announce Collaboration

By Leah Maurer The Weed Blog has reported news from CannaKids and Saving Sophie in the past, and we are hugely supportive of their efforts. We feel that organizations such as these will be a big piece of what helps

Marijuana Decriminalization Policy Implementation Begins in Israel

By TWB The Weed Blog has done a fair amount of coverage of the cannabis policy and research that is happening over in Israel. In fact, just a couple months ago, marijuana law reform activists even took to the streets

What is going on with the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Roll Out?

By Leah Maurer Amendment 98 (also known as The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, received 53.11% of the popular vote during the November general election. The amendment will allow doctors to recommend the cannabis for patients suffering from specific medical conditions.

New Medical Marijuana Patients in Georgia with no Medical Marijuana

By Leah Maurer Laws in Georgia leave more than 100 new patients in Georgia with no medical marijuana. This even though they have received permission to use a form of medical marijuana in Georgia this month, bringing the statewide total

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