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Will Nevada be the First State With Cannabis Clubs?

By Leah Maurer We have been covering the topic of social cannabis consumption for quite a while at The Weed Blog. Being based in Portland we would love to see Oregon be the first state to pioneer this area of

Cannabis Cultural Association Empowers Cannabis Entrepreneurs

By TWB Cannabis Cultural Association Empowers Next Generation of Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners The Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA) strives to involve underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis/hemp industry, by providing informational workshops, cultural programs, and community events with

Highest Testing CBD Strain Created by Yerba Buena Farms in Oregon

By TWB The Weed Blog is excited to announce that one of Oregon’s premier cannabis farms, Yerba Buena, has created and released their highest testing CBD strain, “Corazon” (Spanish for “Heart”). This new highest testing CBD strain is a cross

Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes Through Vermont Senate

By Leah Maurer With all of the state legislatures being in session and the current state of momentum in the cannabis policy reform movement, it is no surprise that many states are seeing marijuana bills and other proposals come through

United Patients Group Offers Medical Cannabis State of the Union

By TWB United Patients Group Takes Center Stage at This Week’s “Best Answer for Cancer Summit” In San Diego: Workshop and Centerpiece Presentation Offer Medical Cannabis ‘State of the Union’ Medical marijuana education leader United Patients Group is proud to

Survey of Cannabis Users about Trump Administration

By TWB New survey results show that 40% of cannabis users feel the Trump Administration will have a negative effect on future of marijuana in the U.S. 70% feel that marijuana should be regulated the same as alcohol and tobacco

Cannabis Events Week 1: RedHat Ralph Treks 30 miles in 7 Days

By RedHat Ralph Since I picked up my Judges Kit for the 2017 Cultivation Classic this week, I will count this as the start of my season. Here is how I walked 29.4 miles from Sunday April 9 through Saturday,

How Medical Marijuana Can Benefit Families

By TWB How Medical Marijuana Can Benefit Families What if your little girl was suffering from nearly 200 seizures daily, and modern prescriptions weren’t doing much of anything to curb the symptoms or reduce the seizures? Imagine being the little

Marijuana Poised to Steal Market Share From the Alcohol Industry

By TWB Marijuana poised to steal market share from the alcohol industry. A new study from OutCo and Monocle Research shows 51% of millennials in California will replace alcohol with marijuana. While this is something many have wondered about, particularly

Jeffrey Miron and Harvard Students Advocate for Marijuana Legalization

By Leah Maurer Although the 4/20 weekend is over for this year, TWB is still getting some great submissions for content about this stoner holiday. When this one, done by a group of Harvard students called On Harvard Time (OHT),

Toke Talks: An Evening With Some of the Finest Minds in Oregon Cannabis

By Leah Maurer It is essential that cannabis industry professionals stay educated and current on cannabis policy and science as this industry continues to develop. There is an excellent opportunity to do just that in Portland , Oregon this evening.

Expanded Medical Marijuana Proposal Passes by a Landslide in Iowa Senate

On Monday, the Iowa State Senate passed an expanded medical marijuana proposal by a landslide. The vote was 45 “yes” to 5 “no”. This expansion would allow making and dispensing cannabis products in Iowa legal, as well as for adults

Resolution: Innovative and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for the Cannabis Community

Resolution: Innovative and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions for the Cannabis Community Environmental sustainability (and having clean glass pieces to smoke cannabis in) are priorities of ours at The Weed Blog, which is why we are so excited share the news about

RedHat Ralph’s 420 Portland Dispensary Deals

RedHat Ralph is one of most thorough people I know when it comes to researching area events and dispensary deals in Portland, Oregon. For the 420 holiday, he even took the time to put together this amazing spreadsheet of several

RedHat Ralphs 2017 Oregon Cannabis Event Picks for Spring

RedHat Ralphs 2017 Oregon Cannabis Event Picks for Spring: For those of us who enjoy the new cannabis culture in Oregon, April is the beginning of our season. Not only do we have the wonderfully colorful blossoms supplied by the

How did 420 Start? The Term 420 is Synonymous with the Freedom to Smoke Pot, but why?

How did 420 Start? Where did the term 420 come from? It is a question many of us have asked, usually around 4:20am (if it was a late night), or 4:20pm (if you’re night is just getting started). But, for

420 Sin City Style

With pot now being legal in the state of Nevada, you can say that this year’s 420 is about to be “lit”. Most dispensaries across the valley are having tent parties with giveaways and there are a couple of grand

Department of Homeland Security Will Continue to Enforce Marijuana Laws

(DHS) Secretary John Kelly says that the Department of Homeland Security will continue to enforce marijuana laws and make marijuana a major part of its criminal enforcement efforts. This has been the fear of many activists, industry professionals, and consumers,