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International Highlife – The Only Stoner Network You Need

In 2014, a group of stoner buddies (what would become International Highlife) from Switzerland got together and made a simple Facebook page, Highlife Switzerland, for sharing cannabis-related content between themselves and whoever might be interested. After just weeks, it soon

ICYMI: Session’s New Controversial Statements on Pot and What they Mean for Cannabis Businesses

The latest remarks on marijuana by President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, continue to upset the cannabis community and business investors – but it’s what he didn’t say, that has peaked the interest of journalists covering the cannabis beat. In

New York Physician Assistants Can Now Recommend Marijuana

New York physician assistants (PA’s) are now allowed to recommend marijuana to medical marijuana patients, they are the newest group of professionals allowed to do so – after nurse practitioners became eligible to legally prescribe back in November. New York

Colorado Moves to Limit Plant Count for Medical Grows from 99 to 16

Colorado is a step closer to curbing the plant count for medical patients that are allowed to grow for their own needs with a state bill that would bring the home allowance of 99 plants – down to 16 plants.

Connecticut Considers Recreational Cannabis

Connecticut considers recreational cannabis. Lawmakers and marijuana supporters spoke out at a recent public hearing to support for the recreational cannabis bills at the state level. The bills aims to legalize, tax and regulate the use, cultivation and sale of

When And How To Harvest Marijuana Plants

There is a lot of emphases placed on the preparing, germinating, and growing portions of marijuana plants. But what about the harvest? This can either make or break your end result, making it one of the most important aspects of

5 Genius Hacks to Determine the Quality of Your Weed

Have you ever bought weed and felt that the quality of your weed sucks? Well, you should not repeat the same mistake. Just imagine buying cannabis at a considerably high price only to find insects, dirt, mites, pesticides and other

The Changing Face of the Cannabis Industry and How it Caters to the Senior Population

Cannabis use has taken its place in the mainstream, and the population of seniors is getting with the times. The booming senior demographic has great health care needs. Treatment with cannabis has become a welcome option for many. Cannabis companies

11-Year Old Billy Caldwell Receives Permission To Bring Cannabis Oil Back to The UK to Treat Epileptic Seizures

Charlotte Caldwell, mother of 11-year old Billy Caldwell, says they traveled to Los Angeles, California to treat Billy’s epilepsy with nurse Karen Roellich because of the long waiting lists in the UK. “It’s a life-threatening form of epilepsy that he

Crafting with Cannabis: Stitching Stoned

Attend Stitching Stoned, a Make and Mary workshop in Portland on Friday! You may recall from our previous post about this workshop that it is a cannabis friendly crafting class that takes places once a month, doing everything from traditional

How Does an Old Man Party at CannaCon? On a Cloudy Bus Smoking Willie’s Reserve

While visiting Seattle for CannaCon 2017, I spent some time with two of my friends from PDX Weed Week, Max Montrose of the Trichome Institute, and Anthony Nitowski, the Dab Doctor. Max was there as both a lecturer and an

Can You Still Get in Legal Trouble in States with Legalized Cannabis? Can You Use Marijuana in Public in Those States?

Thanks to the widespread legalization of marijuana in more than half of the states in America, cannabis has exploded as a legalized industry, impacting a variety of different revenue sources for communities. From high-paying jobs in cultivation technology and greenhouse

World Cannabis Week to Remain in Denver, as the Cannabis Cup Moves West

The state of Colorado remains at the top of the heap when it comes to cannabis culture, as it’s home to the leaders in the green space who have made Colorado cannabis a BILLION dollar market. Described as the “SXSW

Will New Mexico Lower Marijuana Penalties?

Under a bill recently approved by the New Mexico State Senate, criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana would be replaced with a $50 fine. The Senate voted to replace penalties including possible jail time for low-level marijuana

Eaze Report: High Times for Cannabis Industry as Marijuana Vaporizer Trumps Flower Use

If you’ve noticed the emergence of marijuana into mainstream culture, you’re not alone – new data from Eaze medical marijuana delivery, the leading marijuana technology company, supports this sentiment. The State of Cannabis report, based on data from more than

Nevada Senate Bill 236 Would Allow for Cities to License Public Consumption of Cannabis

Social consumption policy might be the most talked about issue in the cannabis industry today. With the passage of Ordinance 300 in Denver, Colorado and other legalized states looking at this sector of the industry, it comes as no surprise

Cannabis Prohibition (still) Has No Scientific Basis

Cannabis prohibition has no scientific basis and has been perpetuated with very little evidence for decades using propaganda and conjecture that has been fed to the American public. In fact, the entire reason why we (mistakenly) call this plant marijuana

How to Identify Marijuana Leaf Issues and Their Common Causes

Some of the most common problems that can occur with marijuana plants are expressed in the leaves and can be identified as marijuana leaf issues. They could be dying at faster than normal rates, changing color in strange ways, withering,

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