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Cannabis Irrigation Supply: Dedicated to the Grower

Cannabis Irrigation Supply is a family owned and operated business with both an online store a warehouse located in the San Diego area that is dedicated to growers everywhere. They have everything you need to take care of your cannabis

Cannabis Activity Tracking in California’s Cannabis Maze

What is the California market worth? Let’s look at what we know from 2016; Washington did just under $1.2 billion and Colorado did $1.3 Billion, both with roughly 2,500 licenses each. The two markets combined are worth $2.5 billion with

New Senate Bill Would End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

The Weed Blog’s goal since Day 1 has been to help be a vehicle and network for discussion and political action for ending the prohibition of cannabis on the federal level in the United States. When this crossed our desk

Imperious Expo in Phoenix Arizona is Focused on Medical and Industrial Cannabis

You may recall from our previous post, the second Imperious Expo will be taking place on April 12 and 13 in Phoenix, Arizona. While many of the conferences and expos have flocked to Nevada this year after the passage of

Denver Sustainability Panel: Top Ten Ways to Save Energy, Water and Waste

Recently, a couple of Denver businesses, including a city adviser on sustainability and an energy engineer joined a Denver Sustainability Panel to talk about how the cannabis industry can find their best practices when it comes to using energy, water,

Powdery Mildew And Your Marijuana Plants

Powdery mildew is one of many pests that can gravely affect marijuana plants. It is also called white powdery mildew, and it spreads and grows from a number of different types of fungi. Its name says it all: powdery mildew

City Officials, Industry Professionals, and Activists work together on Social Cannabis Consumption in Oregon

Cannabis consumption has been happening in social settings ever since humans began to interact with the plant. However, with so many states coming online with recreational/adult-use cannabis laws, it brings the discussion about social cannabis consumption to a whole new

Cannabis and Comedy Converge at The Gateway Show

The Gateway Show is a comedy show based in Seattle and began a few years ago. I had not heard about this comedy show until recently, and got to attend my first (of what I hope will be many) a

Why Is Alcohol Legal But Not Marijuana?

It’s no secret that history repeats itself, it’s just not always obvious while it’s actually happening. Case in point: America’s seemingly endless war on marijuana can trace its roots directly to the prohibition era, which was a spectacular disaster in

North Dakota Debates Medical Marijuana Program Implementation

Medical marijuana has been officially legalized in North Dakota since the passage of Measure 5 (also called the North Dakota Compassion Care Act) last November. However, now the implementation and regulation is being debated and has been since early this

Scrogging For Beginners

If you are familiar with any growing methods for maximizing the growing season of marijuana plants, then you may have already heard about scrogging. The term comes from “ScrOG,” which technically stands for “screen of green.” Scrogging is intended to

Mastering The Cannabis Craft : Environmental Controls For Indoor Grows

From years of cultivating craft cannabis at AlpinStash, I’ve learned that environmental controls are critical to a healthy garden. Yet, it’s often one of the last aspects facilities invest in and implement. I recommend professional cultivators place primary importance on

Product Review: The Aurora Vape Pen

As I mentioned in a previous post, while attending CannaCon in Seattle I managed to snag an Aurora vape pen from Dr. Dabber. Since I do a lot of walking, and consume most of my cannabis in a solitary fashion,

Best Practices for Cannabis Storage

As CEO of Cannador, I work closely with engineers to create uniquely designed cannabis storage products and accessories that allow you to maintain the freshness, taste and quality of cannabis. Along the way, we’ve discovered a great deal about storing

Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Jane West- What it Takes to be a Woman in Weed

Jane West is the CEO of the cannabis lifestyle brand Jane West, where she designs and develops accessories and home goods that invite mainstream consumers to experience the benefits of cannabis and take part in the legal lifestyle. West has

Rapper 2 Chainz to Headline Denver 420 Rally at Civic Center Park

April 20 is just around the corner, and as many are looking into planning their 420 experience, a staple in the Denver 420 rally – the Civic Center Park rally – just got a star-studded enhancement with the addition of

Drager 5000: Mouth Swab Test Used in San Diego To Detect if Drivers are High On Pot

The more states that come online with legalized cannabis laws, the more there is discussion around the topic of how to detect a DUI for cannabis while drivers are on the road. There are several different methods. kits. and other

Cannabis Art: Todd Pearl is Setting Out to Draw Every Cannabis Strain Known to Mankind

Illustrator and brand developer Todd Pearl has set out to draw every cannabis strain design known to mankind. He’s done 24. Only about 700+ more to go! In the fall, Todd is launching to sell his catalog of each