Monthly Archives: April 2015

Weed Monkey Bread

If you’ve ever been to a fair or a park, you would have tasted monkey bread, that sticky, gooey pastry that finds a place at breakfast tables in the United States. For the sake of […] The post Weed Monkey

Pot Tacos

Cannabis has been inhaled for decades, but in the last ten years it has been found that people are choosing to shift over making edibles as an alternative to smoking it. It is being used in […] The post Pot Tacos

Weed Snickerdoodle Cookies

Everyone loves cookies—some love baking them, some love eating them while others love making and eating them. They are great to eat at any time  and taken with a huge glass of milk satiate you […] The post Weed Snickerdoodle

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

All of us know or at least most of us do know that cooking oil can be used to make brownies, cookies and even peanut butter bars but cooking oil infused with Marijuana is increasingly […] The post Chocolate Peanut

Weed Shortbread Cookies

The recipe includes three steps. In the first step you will make high potency clarified butter with an absolutely new method.THC is decarboxylated and extracted into clarified butter oil yielding the highest potency for the […] The post Weed Shortbread

Weed Waffles

Nothing is going to blow your mind out than these BHO cheese and bacon waffles that have all that concentrate in them. So be careful and don’t eat all alone but share it around. Eat […] The post Weed Waffles